Slowly descending into madness
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2022-04-18 00:00:00 (UTC)

Toxic & manipulative

Yesterday I got cyber harassed on this site. Someone sent me 2 mails:
I want to suck on your big fat pussy
Marry me I have a big dick

Honestly speaking, I was truly disgusted because this site is something I've held really close to my heart. This never happened before. I got to know a lot of people through this site but this was unexpected. This was a trigger point right there. Then again, it was my fault for keeping my expectations high and forgetting that men exist in this site. Also sometimes I forget God forgot to put humanity in men. I hate this gender more than everything.

I've been already having 2 consecutive bad weeks. Right when I was being alright, this broke me down.

I unfriended someone on fb as well just a few minutes ago. In my defence, I'm setting him free since all he ever wanted to do was run away from me because apparently I'm toxic and manipulative. Ok fine, then you shouldn’t be on my friendlist since I don’t want to disturb your peace. 😔 See? Not being toxic anymore. You won't see anything I'm doing and you can't be a part of my virtual world anymore. Find peace within yourself just like I did without your stupid playlist 🥰