Slowly descending into madness
2022-04-17 16:03:36 (UTC)

Diary prompt (3)

What have you done that no one knows about?

The things I do, at least one of my closest ones knows about that. However, I have planned the perfect murder - this, no one knows about. I have planned out all the smallest details like time of murder, method, cover up story everything.

I have also planned the perfect suicide but 2 know about it.

One of my coping mechanisms is planning. I plan for the future I will never have. Murder is one of the things I'll never go through with. But it's fun to think about it. Panning is fun. Imagination is better than the reality sometimes.

My family both raged and killed the serial killer inside me. But honestly, kudos to my parents and my sister, they did a very good job. Growing up, I had every potential to become a murderer. They killed all of them. In the process it made traumatised but most importantly it made me someone I'm not.

But I like this person, she's everything I would want to be someday.