Evolving marriage
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2022-04-16 05:18:17 (UTC)

Sexy time continues

Dear Diary,
Well I woke up this am feeling awful, my body after the marathon we pulled yesterday which picked up again well after midnight. Husband got toys from Bad Dragon that arrived and I "sampled" them... well that was a bit much for my body, I told him I felt like I had been through a gang bang this am, I also pulled a muscle several days ago under my armpit and it hurts when I cough, so I was feeling awful. He got me tylenol and an electrolyte drink and set me up in bed with my lap top, OH and an ice pack for between my legs (yes seriously I felt that bad there) One of the toys was really wide and up near the top and I think caused some ouchie trauma or something, when your turned on you can do crazy stuff but pay for it later.

I laid in bed for an hr, the tylenol kicked in, then I got in the tub and soaked in a CBD bath mix I have. I made a smoothie after, not Keto as it has Kefir, but the probiotics are good and I need to finish it off so its not sitting in the fridge. By the time I was done with the bath and made my smoothie I was in much better spirits. I went in the bedroom and I have watched amateur couples porn. I like it to be honest, it goes in waves and Im amazed at what people do and film, and some just outright show their faces, use their names, others are in masks,

I am also interested in rimming and licking ass, yes when he first spoke to me of pegging, I immediatley thought of warming him up with butt play. And licking him, but I told him he will always need to shower before that will happen. Well I was able to do that yesterday and it got me so turned on! Why? How? And I just wanted to do it to him so bad again today

Oh my goodness my eyes are closing typing, falling asleep, more later, Night!