Evolving marriage
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2022-04-14 20:41:37 (UTC)

Sexy Time

Dear Diary,
Well all is good here. I feel the best I have since I first got sick! Hallelujah!

Ive only been taking Mucinex once a day and cough drops. No other stuff also, other then some nasal spray.

My face is healing up, just some dryness patches and some red marks where the injections were done, but nothing major, can put on makeup and you wouldnt notice.

I really think that Hyperbaric therapy helped! Im anxious to do it again. We have our anniv trip in a little over a week, and then when we head home we are stopping by for husbands surgery consultation and I plan to book us both hyperbaric appts and vitamin iv infusions on our way home from Vegas after the Dr appt. I really want husband to try it too! See how it makes him feel. ANd I know the more you do it the better.

Also got our massage and infrared sauna, steam bath appt set in Vegas also. Room and pampering booked! And the rest we will figure out, although I expect us to be in our room much of the time, husband did say we will go to dinner one eve, his friend he hasnt seen in over 20 yrs lives there so we are going to have dinner with her.

Im excited! Actually with how things have changed around here, this is the type of getaways I always wanted since Ive been with this man. Romantic, sexy fun trips. But he was always so averse, serious, he didnt get into it and see it like that. I used to be so excited when I had hotel getaways Id jump on the bed and after a few trips with party pooper, that excitement died. I still like getaways, but they were never hot and sexy like I always had dreamed and wanted.

Well our pegging gear came in the mail yesterday. I tried it on, looked it over, this was around lunch time and he was so into it, as was I. But I told him to just wait, till after work and we can experiment, so he doesnt have to rush back to working. This made for some tension for the rest of the day! Some nice tension! Tension I wasnt alone in. Yes Ive been the one with the desire feeling like a bother for most of this relationship with a man who was pretty sexually dead most of the time. So we would hug and kiss in passing in the kitchen, making remarks. I ended up sending him an email and told him that he had a Prostrate exam after work, issued by the company in order for him to keep his health benefits and the Dr was coming over to perform the exam, his requirement was to shower right after work. :)

I dressed up in a pencil skirt and white blouse, hair up, glasses, black heels and fishnets as the Dr, :) With a harness underneath for pegging. We had 2 different ones, one they attach to these plastic pieces and the other its held on by an O ring at the base. So I said we could sample and see what worked and the sizes. Mind you this was the first time other then a day prior I did finger him with 2 fingers as practice as attempt #1 went very poorly. Which is pretty common if you go on reddit forums. So I told him we needed more warm up, relaxing, etc, he was just so excited and eager, he said he was greedy that one day, and he didnt realize how this would go and the prep his body needed. He was off work at 5pm, and we were in the bedroom until around 9pm! Okay this is the couple that used to have 30 min MAX for sex, more like 15 min. We have been waking up around 5am and fooling around and then fooling around before bed. We wake up before the alarm clock as we go to bed mostly at a decent time these days. Its so wild! If your near or in menopause, get on hormones, if your a man and have low drive, desire, get yours checked, maybe your low testosterone. But to have us finally be in sync after 20 yrs together?! Its so crazy. We have been having so much fun together, and we love it. And who can you talk to about this really but one another? and someone anonymously online?

Its really hot, we talk so much now, we share thoughts, we lay there and talk and then turn one another back on again and do something else when we think we finished. So this is why Im excited about our trip! We did an infrared sauna on our trip back in Dec together and it was before a massage, and boy was it hot sitting in there together, and he even told me that it was, as we were naked together but just getting warmed up for the massage in our little hippie town we love.

So we will get an hour massage, then the room with the sauna, steam bath, jacuzzi, shower and bed reclining area all to ourselves after. Woohoo! We are going right when we arrive in Vegas, its our first thing after we check in.

We have done Vegas before, but not really lived it up. We used to go when we were first dating as husband had some job perks and free stays at a casino so we did a few short trips. And then we stayed one night recently on our way back from another trip passing through.

Today, I did a workout, a short one, but I at least had the energy for it which is a good sign, Ive tried but Im just too exhausted to do my routines before I got sick. So I did a short rebounder workout and was able to do it! And I did a lower leg workout, stretches and the wave plate. Husband and I just went to see the Chiropractor also. He said I was in pretty good shape, my husband, not so much! He needs to get back in there, so he will be going twice a wk. We were going more but then he changed jobs and are new insurance sucked so we didnt go much, and now husband is back with a job with great coverage. So we got that taken care of today, next week I have my vision and dental exam. Trying to get all the self care stuff done for the yr.

We are both down 9 pds since starting Keto and pretty much do 2 meals a day, I dont eat until after noon, and most days we make a cup of bone broth with nutritional yeast, but I made a bunch of Keto crustless quiches so we have a slice of that with it, its yummy! I put in bacon, cheese, garlic, spinach, cream. And I have some nuts. We also have figured places to eat out for safest dishes, but we are eating out FAR LESS, we ate out several times a wk before this, now its about once a wk and we get far less (no drinks, no dessert) so its cheaper but we are spending more on groceries when we first started.

I really want these to be our good yrs, kids are grown and out and have been for yrs, husband is doing well at his job and close to retirement. We are secure, no debt, own a home, have our investments set up. We have done well together (thanks to Dave Ramsay!)

Its just being in good physical, emotional mental health that we are working on now. WE had a stretch there of over 5 yrs of just day in day out, very little sex life, both of us put on weight, lots of fighting, lots of trauma (death of relatives and pets) empty nest syndrome, etc... it was a rough time and we took a hit. Now we can undo that, we arent too far gone! We were once in good shape, both of us working out and hot, and we can get back there! But I want to be better then I was back then. With the working out and building muscle. Cant wait for our new vehicle with 4 wheel drive and all the perks and adventures we can go on, when we picked out the vehicle we knew this would probably be our forever car, we will have it till we die and so we had to ask what we wanted to do and what we wanted the new vehicle for, and off roading, its all over where we live, plenty to do off road.

Im hoping our electrician comes this sat, I have some fixtures and work to do around here, he had to reschedule last wks visit so he said this sat, Lets hope so, and our vehicle should be in within the week if all goes well! Woohoo! We have never owned a new car, either of us, so this is a first. :)

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