Gone mental

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2022-04-13 12:22:22 (UTC)

What’s wrong with you

She literally said I should go to a doctor to see what is wrong with me, chemically.

The fact that we don’t see eye to eye and that we are at odds with this so called relationship. Doesn’t equate to something being wrong with me. It means we don’t agree. That I don’t want to have sex with her doesn’t mean I’m imbalanced, it means I don’t trust her. That I don’t want to have sex, period, reflects on her having destroyed my identity and feeling of worth over the years, not a lack of ability.

Low testosterone is what she’s referring to. I was tested for this as well as a battery of other things a few years ago. I’m fine. The fact that she can’t accept the consequences of her actions is a problem.


Other than that, my daughter lost her scholarship. It’s a huge deal. This will make college very hard to pay for in a few years. She needs a job worthy of her skills… not something that compensates her less than a job at Target… or the grocery store… yet she is determined to have the same job this summer. She is looking at her finances from a macro perspective finally. I hope she changes her mind. She needs to.