Primal Screaming ⌘ Or, "My Friends Aren't Therapists & I Need to Vent"
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2022-04-14 01:21:03 (UTC)

Hello, Abyss

I'm starting this because I had another bad day and I'm tired. And I don't want to talk to the people around me, even if they tell me they want to listen.

They mean well, but they can't always help. And I'm ultimately left with 3 options on days [more like weeks] like this one:

○ Repeat myself for the millionth time to someone I've said the same thing to when I feel like this, and then ultimately feel bad for venting again.
○ Post about it elsewhere, and watch as my social media presence becomes nothing more than a depression dump site.
○ Keep it all bottled up and keep it all to myself, letting it slowly eat away at me.

And I usually go with the 3rd option because I hate doing either of the other two. So this is my solution to that. This is my new dumpsite. It's public because, sometimes, when you scream into the Abyss, it's nice to know that the Abyss is listening. And, idk, maybe someone else out there can relate? Maybe my thought dumpster might help someone else not feel alone? Who knows?

Besides, keeping it private would still be like keeping it to myself. And I have a physical journal for that. So what would be the point of this?

Anyway, I should probably get to bed [though I probably won't]. I just wanted to set this up.

Whatever time of day it is for you, I hope you're having a good one, friend.

~ Nyx

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