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2022-04-13 02:20:24 (UTC)

After Procedures

Dear Diary,
Well I made my trip and got the stuff done. So with the PRP facelift, they numb your face first with a cream, then draw a large vile of your blood. Put it into this other container, spin it in a centrifuge and seperate your white and red blood cells I believe? from the plasma and then use the plasma for your face procedure, its a gold color.

Then she had several syringes first and asked what spots on my face Im most concerned about and those got direct injections of the plasma. It was done under my eyes, 11s at forehead, smiles lines around eyes, a scar on my forehead and she did the nasal labial folds? I think they are called that run along your nose down to your mouth. That part did hurt, I could feel the needle on that one! Not fun but luckily didnt take too long. Then she went onto the microneedling. I actually liked that part! She then spreads the plasma on my face in each section she does the micro needle, some spots she goes deeper level settings. Well of course you bleed, and you have no idea how much, and the point is to keep the plasma on the skin, you dont want to waste it, so they pretty much rub it around with the blood and then wipe their gloves off when done, so you have blood streaks, which is why its called "the Vampire Facial" but be prepared to walk out. Luckily I had a mask in my purse, large sunglasses and long hair, I was pretty scary, I literally looked like I was beat up and needed to wash the blood off my face! So they send you home with one vial of your plasma, you dont wash your face until the eve, just gently so I did that and now dont have all the smeared blood, then you apply the vial they sent you home to your face. Now something she did say, is that it can take 4-6 mos to where you really start to see the results, where your collagen and stem cells kick in, that part I didnt know. She said my face may seem less full or hollow for a bit and not to be alarmed. They took photos of my face at all angles and then want you to come back in the 4-6 mos to check your progress and take new pics.

So I went down the elevator, all covered as best I could, walked into the hyperbaric place and the guy said "Is this a covid thing?" about the mask. I said no, facial treatment, as I was getting into one of their hyperbaric pods. He said "Ah no problem, I get it" so it was cool and easy, I got into a pod, wore oxygen thing in my nose, it has a chair and foot rest (I was in the sit up pod) and your in their for an hour. I just read stuff on my phone. It felt good, nothing bad or great, I just was in there and will see I feel to come. And how my healing on my face does. He told me about another gal, gave me her card who does Plasma laser face treatments and that 3 wk recoveries become 3 days from doing the hyperbaric treatment. Cool eh? I was reading that it also helps with Autism, PTSD, just to name a few, but the anemia issue is something Ive dealt with many times and this takes care of it and corrects it! So Ill be going in twice a month.

Im back home, had more of our soup leftovers with hubby, hes in the tub now and wanting to go right to bed tonight (thats what we said last night!) but Im in bed, writing my entry, doing some internet research and getting settled in myself. Hoping to feel 10 times better tomm when I wake up! We shall see!