Evolving marriage
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2022-04-12 17:04:00 (UTC)

Guinea Pig

Dear Diary,
Well the weather has been all over the place. We went from almost 80 degrees to the 60s, and then around 20 degrees last night and heavy winds, they were so bad yesterday the sky was hazy and wow it was loud sounding like things were blowing around outside as we laid in bed. My husband went shooting on the wknd and it was terribly windy on his way home and his allergies were set off also and hes fighting off a sinus infection, and Im still fighting off the remainder of my issue which appears to be allergies, Im just still dealing with coughing up mucus and fatigue, but I want no business being outside right now with the pollen and the wind. I want to go for walks (but too windy and Ill get sick!) I want to do my indoor workouts on my rebounder, but Im weak physically, so I got one of those walk in place workouts to do yesterday and did that as I need to move!

Funny how though, sexual activity continues through all this? My husband is on his first wk of Testosterone cream and its working! Its really helping things, I wondered how things would be with us both on Hormones. Its quite fun actually, makes you feel like newleyweds/teenagers? because we are horny and explorative and can set one another off easily. So its been quite a bit of fun, we are experimenting with things too, some things we have never done or tried, one didnt go so well, but husband said he was a little greedy and over zealous, we are talking about gearing up for pegging. We dont even have everything to do it but will have it soon and I have just never really played with his ass nor has he really so we are both game and think it will be fun to try, had a bit of an emotional thing occur during the first try between us but it resulted in a good talk and all is good, but I did cry and get emotional (I was worried about hurting him, and hes aspie so hes very stern, serious, reactionary) and not the most loving partner at times and has to be reminded to be softer or change his tone, etc.

He showed me some lingerie for the first time he liked, Ive asked before but he always says simply "Anything?" ha, so its nice to have more feedback, he likes wet look stuff so we picked one out together, not sure how it will look on me! But Im game. So we should have some fun packages coming in the next week or so.

We also booked a Vegas trip. He may have surgery soon and be in physical therapy for quite awhile which will affect his knee/leg from the sports injury, so we figured that will cut into our anniv and all that and so we decided to book the trip before hand, if hes up to doing something in May still, great! but this way we can have a romantic fun getaway before hes laid up. So we are staying 3 nights in Vegas, booked our hotel, hoping to book a spa/sauna/infrared all that place, have to call them later on. Too much to do today so writing this entry before I leave. Have the bug guy coming to spray, then Im headed out of town, Im getting a PRP facelift its called, where they take out your own blood and spin it in a centrifuge and use it on your face microneedling, Ive never done anything like this and the place Im going to is running a special for it this month. So Im going today. We were also watching David Sinclair last night on youtube and he does research studies on turning back the clock, age, etc and they were talking about hyperbaric chamber therapy and it was fascinating and good for recovery after things, health etc and he said thats its the next big thing and how good it makes you feel, etc. But that its not branched out everywhere yet, so I looked up the city Im going to for my treatment and they have a place, in the building of where Im going for the PRP. So I called, asked if its by appt or walk in and they had one spot just after my appt, so Im doing both today, Im kinda excited, these are luxury things and special treatments, never done stuff like this but super curious about doing both and the results. The hyperbaric place you can do infrared saunas there and get a package which is totally affordable, and Im in town usually twice a month or more so is husband, so Ill be the first to try it out and maybe we will make a thing of doing it monthly or twice monthly, it also helps with joints and aches.

So we even sorta had a deal to not have sex yesterday just so we both rested, as we are both allergy coughing and sneezing and exhausted dealing with the awful allergies. We made a big pot of healthy bone both, veggies and sausage soup, ate really good, have been doing Keto and staying pretty good on it.

Well he showed me some toys and things he was going to buy online as we were laying in bed last night and then he went to this other site and said "Can I show you something else?" Mind you this man in about 20 yrs has never really had much of an opinion about sexual play, or anything "Whats your fantasy?" What lingerie do you like? What do you want to try?" he always is so "whatever you want" and doesnt say much so this is new, a lot is new, its a little weird but in a good way for both of us, we just keep checking in if one another is okay. I never had that relationship in my first marriage, I had a person who didnt talk to me or share, he just DID stuff but we didnt talk about it. So yeah he got into these freaky toys, custom made and was going over them and reading the descriptions, we are in bed in the dark, ready for bed, recovering sick people, he has work in the am, and well he was turning me on so bad, and he finally closed the laptop and took care of business and it was so fun and hot. It was 1:30am when we were done and he said "Well at least its tues" since I said lets take a break, its not that I wanted to exactly I just felt we should for recovery as we have been having sex or sex play every day, sometimes twice a day. Mind you this was the man who wouldnt want sex at night prior to this, serious, all tired, not motivated for night time sex, even to have a talk at 10pm was too late for his brain. Now we have had sex in the eve several times, which is one of my fave times as Im more relaxed and my mind shuts down.

So yeah, we are having fun, hopefully our new vehicle will be in this next wk and we will have it in time for Vegas, that would be fun!

Ill see how this face treatment goes today, Id like to also do my neck and chest but thats a seperate procedure, so Ill see how this one goes and if Im happy with the results.

So Im off to try this new cutting edge stuff for health and beauty and see how it goes.

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