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me and my life
2022-04-08 20:34:12 (UTC)

Happy update

Everything is good so far. Yubu is in Canada started his work too. I miss him and he miss me too..
I live nicely here. I am living what I desired for, a whole room to my self, my own bigger than expected wardrobe, TV, big house good food, good in laws. everything is good so far but far from yubu is quite boring. To days is Yubu's bday and we celebrated virtually. I did some decoration and cut yumm choco truffle cake. He miss us terribly he wants me to process things fast to get PR asap I told him to be patient. Am taking it slowly I know anyhow things will take time. I cant believe that Ill move to Canada in coming months its was my dream and I thought I would never be able to make it and OMG.. its happening I hope everything goes well... Thanks god!!!
I cant wait to write in my dairy about it... cya god bless you all