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I Hate Middle School
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2022-04-08 11:02:59 (UTC)

Just Another Update


So, I stayed home from school yesterday. I definitely could have gone and I was a little upset that I didn't but by now I'm glad. It was honestly pretty chill. I didn't even get all upset about not being around my friends. It was a good day. Grandma and Grandpa T came over but I didn't really talk to them. We drove down the street to look at this nice house that was for sale but that was it. I really liked the house and so did my mom and dad but the owners wouldn't even answer the phone so I guess we're not getting it. It was in the perfect spot and it was pretty fancy too. Open floor plan, 2 floors, three bathrooms! It was great. Too bad we're not getting it though.

Olivia got her hair dyed purple and blue yesterday. I haven't seen it yet since she said I'll have to wait till school but I bet it looks great. She sent me the photos of her getting it bleached this morning and she legit kinda looked like Aquaman. I edited her face onto his body and put a black Gorillaz t-shirt on it and bam! You couldn't tell the difference. It was pretty funny. She seemed to think so too. Back to the purple and blue hair though, I bet it looks good. She's been talking about it and hyping it up for a while and now I'm excited to see it. I guess I'll update you after lunch then.


Yep! It looks great!

Something else that happened today was these stations we had in language arts. We were only allowed to work one on one, which is cool, but I'm in a friend group of three in there. I thought we were allowed to work in a group of three since we all made eye contact but I guess I was wrong since Vinny decided that he was going to work by himself. After a little bit of debate, I asked Vinny if he wanted to work together with me and Olivia anyway but he said no. He said that it would be "breaking the rules" and yeah, it would be, but since when does he ever follow the rules? Seriously, I don't think he's worked for a full class a day in his life. But to each their own I guess. I felt bad leaving him without a partner but what was I supposed to do? I told Olivia to go work with him and she said no because that would be mean to me. I told her I didn't care but she said she'd rather just work with me and it's alright. We both felt bad but oh well. I ended up giving him the doc for question 1 anyway so it made me feel a little better.

Even worse though is the fact that Vinny's at his dads this weekend! I was gunna have him come over so I could do his makeup but now we can't. His dad only lives like 2-3 miles away but he doesn't have my mom's number (his parents are divorced) and Vinny's phone is broken. I was just gunna write down my moms number and give it to him but he looked so unenthusiastic and uninterested I'm not even sure he wanted to come over. I mean, he asked to come over last weekend so he obviously wanted to at some point, just not anymore. God, people stress me out. Especially Vinny.

*I stopped writing - buh bye!*

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