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2022-04-07 03:20:43 (UTC)


I’m thinking that
I need to backtrack. To anime.
If anything, I got ahead of myself with fanfiction. Feels like a spoiler every time I read something from a series that I haven’t actually watched or read.
Real anime series.
Not a movie.
Not studio ghibli binge.
Actual series’ with seasons and episodes and cliffhangers.

But anime is a full attention holder sort of activity for me. So I’d have to do it at home. Genshin is one of those too. Leave it at home. In order to have time for it though, I’d need to finish all my homework and work at school, which I can do while watching Bruce DEO because he’s a entertaining background sort of streamer for me (and way more. Music and twitch streamers like him are some of the only things in my life that allow me not to feel so tired and weary during the day, like I’ll die if someone looks at me the wrong way).

Bruce, work - school
Gen, ani - home (I’m hopping on this)
Kp, manga - later