no name
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2022-04-07 02:27:20 (UTC)


Got saved by some older white guy (made cop-ish feel) when I went shopping with my mom and left the car for a bit and it almost got stolen. He got shot. Ate sandwiches to heal. My mom turned into a brunette white woman who smokes while she was in the store. Then she made a joke with her blonde friend (who knows that she (not my rl mom but this brunette one) is basically a player/speed dating kind of person) that she would fool around with him. (There was no father figure (I have a dad)).


It was kind of scary (the older guy appeared earlier in the dream to save me I just can’t remember how anymore). He reminds me of Sebas. :( I miss being delusional enough, or just feel fine with thinking of him as some sort of para. Mind guardian or some funny crap like that. It was fun, I guess. Haven’t had a dream in a while. Wish my imagination were able to keep running like that.