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2022-04-05 22:23:35 (UTC)


let's develop an eating disco-order.
endless pain and suffering at your own hand.
dd d

not really though.
they feed me enough for me to not even attempt to feed myself.
watching weight would merely be a pastime.
making sure I'm not the one who makes the first attempt to push food into my face is merely a show of self control and relenting the force feeding I do with my body everyday despite the absence of hunger.
Wasting food will not be permitted. Eat all you have before bringing more in.

I can write it down where? My phone. My journal. Here. My mind.
Temptations avoided? That too.

Shameless I may be but know better I do not.
for I am a mere child, unaware of the consequences of my actions. Ignorant to everything I should take into account. Unable to access the foresight that would enable me to pick the safest, most logical route.

Probably won't follow through anyway. But imagine the dopamine I'd get from doing it.