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2022-04-05 10:41:37 (UTC)

At the Shore Again: April 2022

Personal entry follows.

This will likely be my last trip to the shore in a long while, as at the end of this month I'll be heading west to live for an undetermined amount of time just east of the Rocky Mountains. The image above is of today's sunrise.

I received confirmation that I will be able to stay longer at the eco-institute after my initial one month stay as a guest has ended. Starting in early June I'll be part of their internship program, working and learning. I'll essentially be a full-time student again. Ideally, I'll be able to do this for the rest of the calendar year, or longer. Prior to my eventual departure, I want to attend three major events at the eco-institute, either as staff or as a guest. Following that, it's about pursuing a long-term option as a resident at a food-growing operation somewhere in the northerly-yet-still-arable climate. Does that mean rural USA? Maybe rural Canada? I'm not certain just yet.

I think the timing for this is well-placed. Food prices and cost of living are only going up - particularly now, though certainly it's eventual in the long-term - so living in the city and doing what I was doing for a living was more or less non-sustainable. What I'm involving myself with now isn't guaranteed of course, however it's a step in the sustainable, frugal direction that I ought to pursue. Ideally, what I learn will be transferable to other places, so I can remain a marketable, useful member of a group of like-minded people. To not have to scrape by - and not have my savings completely deplete in a relatively short time - is as well as I can hope for. To be looked upon as a valuable member of an intentional community of fellow homesteaders is likely my long-term goal at this point.


I'm here by the ocean until Friday this week. When I arrived yesterday evening I was concerned that rain would scuttle bicycling plans for today, so I rode for close to an hour along the boardwalk. Went to sleep before midnight, woke up before 6am, then caught some photos of the sunrise and other beach stuff, including an upside-down horseshoe crab I flipped upright and deposited closer to the waves.

The rain did come today, so I will hold off at least until later to do some metal-detecting like some kind of old-fart, beachfront retiree. Then it's likely Chinese or Indian take-out for dinner. Coffee is on a constant IV drip. I have a bottle of red to polish off maybe tonight or tomorrow night (though I'll need to purchase a wine key, since this damnable bottle has an actual cork in it!).

Things are all right by me. I only checked-in with the old office Discord maybe twice yesterday. "It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday..." and all that.

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