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2022-04-04 19:39:28 (UTC)

Another Random Life Update


So, I don't really know how to start this so I'm just not going to. My cousin Corbin and his wife Lexi are getting a divorce. They got married young and according to my mom 'in the nicest way possible' Lexi's crazy. I guess she has really bad anxiety and depression and she can't hold a job or anything. Apparently, she thinks Corbins a bad husband for not helping her out around the house even though he goes to school and works a job while she smokes weed all day. Don't you just love family? I knew Lexi smoked weed and I knew she was mentally ill but damn. Apparently, she also has really bad nightmares but she's told me about those herself. Once she got out of bed and practically attacked Corbin for a minute before she realized what was going on. She cries in her sleep too I think. It's horrible that she has to live like that. According to my mom there are just some people who can't live with others. Although I think she's being a bit rude about the whole situation I guess she's not wrong. I'm gunna miss Lexi. Like that one time at Olive garden when she made a joke about "toasty noods" or toasty noodles. Even I couldn't hold in a laugh at that one. We were also planning on having a sleepover and watching the Harry Potter movies since I haven't seen them in a looong time (although I'm not sure that was ever really going to happen). I guess I'm probably never going to see her again though so oh well. I guess I'll never know.

Another quick thing I learned recently is that genetically, the children of identical twins are siblings. That means that since My mom and Emmas' mom are identical twins, we're genetically sisters, even though we're technically cousins. Pretty cool right?

Today while we were walking to lunch I got to yell at Vinny. Obviously, I wasn't actually yelling at him but I was teasing him about not having his homework and chores done. according to him he really did have his chores and homework done and his mom just didn't want him coming over for some reason. I figured it was either just his parents being weird like that, he was lying and he really did have chores and homework, or he just needed an excuse to get out of coming over. Although he was the one to ask his mom if we could hang out so I doubt the last one. Maybe he changed his mind last second though, you never know. But anyway, after that I told him that he better come over this weekend instead and some girl walking down the steps past us was like "yo, you're goin' over her house" or something like that. According to my mom, maybe he didn't want to come over in case people thought we were dating or something but honestly, who cares. We know we're not dating and if anyone asks we're obviously not dating so what are they gunna do? Although I guess Vinny definitely is not the type to want to be seen (or suspected to be) in a relationship so idk.

On the topic of dating though, parents confuse me. Like, on one hand, I get it. Two teenage kids of the opposite gender hanging out alone. Some stupid kids might do something stupid. But on the other hand, I'm not a stupid kid! Why in the world would I want to do anything with someone? Why should someone else's mistakes prevent me from having a sleepover with my best friends? Like, I was thinking about going to Kalihari with my friend group, or having a camp out in my backyard, or even just a friend sleepover but Vinny's a boy so it wrecks all my plans! I guess I could probably just invite Michael to balance it all out but if he doesn't come, the problem comes back, and in the situation of a sleepover it doesn't even matter. I just hate it because I know I wouldn't do anything, and I'm sure my friends wouldn't do anything either, but our parents don't know that for sure so they can't trust us as easily. And going by that logic how do they know that Riley and I aren't making out every time we have a sleepover? We're not, just to be clear, and I know that it's a dramatic comparison but I think it gets the point across. My parents are hesitant to even let me watch a movie with Vinny. No sleepovers, mid-day, child-appropriate, horror movie (since Vinny's a wimp so I wanna watch a spooky movie with him lol). And they still don't feel like they can 100% trust us. Do you get why I'm frustrated? I just wanna hang out with my friends without hesitance and a lecture. Or even better, have a sleepover with my friends in general. Even with a lecture and all that. Damn.

I gotta go now so I'll write again soon. Buh bye!

~ Gentleman