deanne and Connor

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2022-04-03 15:01:13 (UTC)

Ten Years Supreme!

It’s with great pride that I mark 10 years of ownership-marriage with My s/w/c. My d freely entered into this bond and freely stays. I revel in her respectful love and vow 10 x 10 x 10 ‘s more in years! April will be an entire month of celebration for the beauty she is and the honor she brings Me. I’ll never let you go, MINE!


First and foremost i apologize for not having responded to this sooner. i have no excuse other than the recent weeks have been quite busy with a return to the office a few days a week as well as the Easter holiday. i also realize these words are of little consolation to You and that action is what You expect and want. All i can promise is to do my best to do better.

i wish You had it in Your power to grant us 10 x 10 more years, let alone the third x 10! i venture to say very few have enjoyed the pleasures we have enjoyed together for the last 10 years so that alone is hopefully consolation.

Rest assured that any time i appear to be the least bit distant or aloof it has nothing to do with You or us -- its merely my busy life interfering and i promise to always do my best to avoid that.

i can't assure you of 100 years together but i sure wish for 10 more as wonderful as these first 10 were.

Yours always,