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2022-04-02 22:52:21 (UTC)

Laser Tag


I know this is a day late but whatever. I didn’t feel like writing last night, I was tired TUT. But like I said, I went to laser tag with Vinny and Michael yesterday. Vinny’s family too but that’s not a suuuyper important detail since I didn’t speak to them much. It was at this Arena 51 place that Vinny’s cousin works at. It was awesome! I’m usually a whimp when it comes to real life stuff like this but that was just cool. It was all black light stuff and there were shitty humanoid statues everywhere. There were 2 floors to that place too. It was amazing! I think I also accidentally went there for freer too. I thought Vinny’s mom payed for me but she didn’t and nobody noticed I had no wristband (which I didn’t know I needed) so yeah. Free laser tag! lol

When I first got there it was just me and Vinny. He had this hat on with his curly hair sticking out and I’ve gotta say, it looked good. I feel like I need to clarify, not like that. It just looked nice. And he had some MHA wristbands on. He looks like such a dork. Not in a bad way, but in the best way possible. He looks friendly, not like he didn’t look friendly before but- you get what I’m saying. He looked good. He’s been growing his hair out too and I’ve gotta say, it’s… interesting. Idk if it’s just the hat hair but it’s starting to droop a bit. We joked that the goal is to see how long he can get it before it just flops down his face. I wonder how he’d look with super long hair. Or straight hair for that matter. I bet it’s already pretty long if you straightened it. I’ll have to have him do that before he cuts it. Or brush it out while it’s wet lol.

But anyway, it was just me and Vinny for the first 2-3 rounds but eventually Michael showed up. It was so fun. The place was huge and there were a ton of people. We all sucked but we kinda got the hang of it towards the end. We stuck together for the most part but sometimes we got split up. It was mostly me following Vinny around though, it’s not like I had anything better to do. There were three teams and you had to shoot the other two teams base. There were also vests with names on them and I got to be Pickle Rick a few times which was awesome. Me and Vinny were screaming “I’ve turned myself into a pickle Morty” and stuff like that. It was amazing. And Vinny was stealthing around like he was the shit. I’ll admit though, if you ignored the scores at the end he did look pretty cool.

He also kept ramming into me every five seconds which was funny. He’d see someone and decide to run without looking and we’d smack into eachother. He kept apologizing a ton but I told him it was alright. He was like “god, I keep running into you, sorry” and I was like “no it’s fine, I just think it’s funny”. Not an exact quote obviously but it’s close. At one point my parents kept spam calling me while in a game so I asked Vinny to wait up while I tell my parents to wait and he was like “you do that, I’ll protect you”. I can’t describe how much will power it took not to say “my knight in shining armor”. We would have laughed our asses off but I had to get my dad to stop using the find my phone app. I gotta turn that shit off btw. He calls me once and then forces my phone to blare a beeping noise. Not fun.

The place itself was big yet cramped. If you have claustrophobia you probably won’t like it there but other than that it’s fun. There’s two floors and it’s impressively tall. My only complaint is the ways to get up and down floors. There were these super steep ramps that we kept almost tripping down. You know when you run down a super steep hill and can’t stop for a second? That’s what it was like running down those slopes. My legs hurt so bad yesterday that it made it hard to sleep. They feel like shit today too. Going up and down stairs is suicide. And with groceries- no way. Everything else was cool though. UV light paint, okay gun and sensor mechanics, and unique terrain that’s easy (enough) to travel through even in the dark. One of the suits kept breaking though, making whoever was wearing it invincible for the round. The name was Venom but I think they change them frequently so I could be wrong. They also had these shield and triple blaster mechanics on the gun but in my opinion they were too confusing to operate. I understood it I guess but it was still not super useful to me. Vinny and some other people seemed to use it a bit though so maybe that’s just me.

About half way through we got snacks which was fun.I had to drag Vinny over to the counter after insisting on getting Gatorade for like 30 minutes but it was worth it. I had $40 of my parents money so I bought them all a snack. I got Michael a monster, Vinny a pack of sour skittles, and myself a Gatorade and some of those airhead rainbow things. I made Vinny go get it though. If I’m paying the least he can do is go ask for it. Later we got some other stuff too. Michael left so I got each of us an airhead thingy and Vinny got a crunch bar while I got a Hershey bar. Vinny’s mom payed me back for the last two though. She was scolding him for always having people pay for him lol. I didn’t mind though. Yeah, it wasn’t my money, but even if it was I probably would have payed for him anyway.

I can’t describe to you how much I love my friends. When they’re not stressing me out they make me feel amazing. I just show how much I care by buying them and going with them to get food. I’m the kid who insists on bringing snacks or buying snacks everywhere I go. My friends know it too. I think once Riley told me she thought of inviting me to a sleepover she as having with Kiara because I would bring snacks. And you know, I could be offended that I was only thought of for snacks, or I could be proud of my status as the snack friend. I choose the latter. She didn’t mean it to be mean anyway. We have a running joke where she’s only friends with me for iced coffee and goldfish crackers. When we’re out at a fun place, I pull them aside to get snacks, when someone is notably upset (cough cough, Vinny) I get them snacks, when it’s someone’s birthday, I get snacks. It’s great, really.

After all that Vinny’s mom drove me home and that was the end of it. Vinny and I did plan for him to come over today or tomorrow so I could do his makeup but according to his mom he didn’t do his homework or his chores so no hanging out as far as she’s concerned. I’m kinda upset, I was really excited to do his makeup. I mean, I can just do it over the weekend, or any other day of the week he’s at his moms now that I think about it but whatever. I cleaned my room, got my makeup organized, and even planned out what I was going to do on myself. He said he wanted sparkly purple so I had sparkly purple eyeshadow, black mascara for upper lashes, purple mascara for lower lashes, and light purple waterline eyeliner. I put a picture on discord and a few people said they liked it ( someone also said I had a pretty eye shape and eyebrows which was nice) so I guess Vinny’s missing out. Or maybe not since I was gunna force him to watch the invisible man. He says he’d refuse to watch a horror movie even if I invited him so I figured I just wouldn’t invite him to watch a horror movie and have him come anyway. Yeah, I know, the invisible man isn’t even scary, but apparently he can’t even make it through the first bit of beetlejuice so cut me some slack. I don’t want him walking out on me TUT.

Other than that though nothing much happened. It was Olivia’s birthday today which was cool but I didn’t get to do much for it. My calendar didn’t remind me till 8:00 PM since I set it at the wrong time so she had to text me before I realized. This poor girl would have a completely normal conversation with me and not even mention the date if I hadn’t said anything. I’m such a sucky friend. Either way though I ended up wishing her a happy birthday and she thanked me. At least I’m not as bad as this one friend she told me about. Apparently they used to be good friends but now they’re not and her dad had to force her to tell Olivia happy birthday. And when Olivia wrote her a(n) (admittedly overkill) paragraph oh how thankful she was that they were friends she just ignored her. Not a thanks or even an mhm, just nothing. Olivia’s too nice for this world. We don’t deserve her TUT.

I think that’s all that happened recently then other than me starting Zoloft today. It’s not even a full dose yet but still, wish me luckkkkkk. Buh bye!

~ Gentleman