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2022-04-02 13:23:37 (UTC)


I feel sick from the things I've eaten, so I'm done feeding myself for the day.

Think I'll main amber from that team, then traveler, because I like playing as her character the most. And I want traveler strong because he's the main character and it's kinda annoying to switch between Aether and completely different character for no reason other than the fact that I was too lazy to level him up first.
Noelle and Barbara because I like playing them more than I like playing Kaeya or Lisa, though Lisa will be on an alt team just in case because her Electro works nice with their Hydro and Pyro.

Yeah, feels right.
No more food. Need to take care of stuff before we leave at 4. Ascend Barbara and Noelle to the max, then level Amber and Aether from then on. THEN focus on another pair. Hopefully I don't get sidetracked. Please Please Please save up for shooting stars or wahtever tf they're called. JUST SAVE THEM. AND SAVE MONEY. MORA. WE NEED TO SPONSOR THE RICH/BROKE DRAGON MAN.