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2022-03-30 20:44:05 (UTC)

Decisions decisions

So I had to start my entry all over because as I was typing it I guess I accidentally erased the entry and it made me so mad because now I have to think the process all over again.

Anyways, Im currently torn in between two good looking guys in my opinion. I know right big surprise. But the other guy wants to see me again even though I only saw him one time because we almost had sex. I mean we kissed so close to it but then I haven't talked to him since because I thought he just wants sex from me and maybe he still does I don't fucking know.

He also has a beard and a bunch of hair and has a lot of meat on him and about the same height as me and I know I really don't go for short guys but him it's acceptable because he's very good looking and has a beard.

I mean yea my boyfriend has a beard and all and then he's exercising.

I keep forgetting how to spell that. I always ha to look if up. But yea torn between him and my boyfriend which it shouldn't have to be a pick me. I should be with my boyfriend I know but I'm this case it's a nope.

And the other guy wants to see me so badly and I want to see him so badly but because I have a boyfriend and I can't and my mother says the same thing as well. " A good man only comes once in a lifetime" or something like that and trust me I know that..

It's just... I feel like I'm doing this for my family sake and not about how I feel or, what makes me happy sake you know.

I do love him I do I just... Ughhh!!!!

But I also like thos other guy. Maybe I shouldn't have texted him back. I don't fucking know.

Decisions. Decisions..

- A

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