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2022-03-30 00:09:52 (UTC)

Dr Visit and Keto

Dear Diary,
Third night of wheezing and coughing, waking up at 5am. Just laying in bed I cant breathe without making noise and feeling like there is something in my throat I cant clear. Its not until I get up and walk around that I feel better, take my shower and use the nebulizer, Im okay during the day but a little tired feeling. Talked to my big sis and she said it sounded like bronchitis and my husband said something to me today that it sounded like its in my chest. So I went down to the clinic, I have not been sick with a flu or cold in a long long time, 5 plus or more yrs? And I have no other symptoms. So went down. The Dr checked my breathing and listened to my lungs and said they sounded great! Haha! Figures huh? If they heard me first thing in the morning, different story. I dont smoke, not on any meds, no allergies other then pet dander and we dont have any pets. So they had me go test for Covid, Flu and RSV. So I did that and I should hear back he said by the morning. He did say RSV isnt that big in adults, pretty easy to deal with, but can last 3 wks with a cough. And Id be inclined to think if anything that could be it because of last wk going into the phone shop and the owners had their baby in the back and it was coughing and I could tell it was a "Sick" cough.

Otherwise I could just have some virus, just said if it gets worse to come back. I pulled out the Garlic Oil and Black Seed oil from a Dr Berg video and put that in my nebulizer today as he had a video on what to put in to clear up phlegm and mucus. So I did that today, maybe it already working??! Will see how I do tonight, need to pull down the humidifier to help with sleep. I have my oil diffuser running all night with the mist but I know its a smaller stream of moisture.

Made Keto crustless Quiche today when I got up. Ive been prepping dinners around noon as when your doing one meal a day, your energy isnt as high if you wait till dinner. So its nice as everything is ready, just have to heat it up. I made a meat quiche with sausage, bacon, ground beef, cheese and spinach, very tasty! But Ill leave the ground beef out next time but I had a little left to use up so I tossed it in. All of these meals are trying new recipes, seeing which Keto ones taste best. The quiche was great with more meat and more filling. I had some left over stir fry veggies and a drumstick from last night that I had also. And I made keto cheese biscuits,(not my fave) but ate one of those, hubby ate several. The other recipe I tried was a Peanut butter choco chip cookie keto recipe. THat one came out pretty good! I still want to tweak it some, make it more flavorful, but they came out more like cookies then the last recipe I made that came out more like cake cookies, but those werent too bad either. Dipper them in unflavored almond milk so I at least had the milk experience. And we are nice and full (did snack on a handful of pork rinds too) all items are allowed with Keto. I just have to buy items with good ingredients, read labels, no bad oils, sugar, carbs I dont need added.

Some tree guys are in town, talked to them and they are going to come tomm to finish off the tops of our front trees and one tree on the side of our yard, YAY! I was going to have to make an appt with the guys from out of the area and have no idea when, and these guys were here in town for several days (traveling through also) Not a bad price also. So its just nice to get something taken care of. They just did my neighbors trees 2 houses down today.

My lilac and Crab apple tree have green leaves! In a week or so everything is going to be budding and blooming, I have some daffodils that just opened yesterday, I love this time of year! Its been gloomy, windy, cloudy, slight rain today and yest, and Im eager for the sunshine to come back!

I pray that I dont have any major virus or anything, but regardless, I dont have a fever, sore throat, runny nose, not achy, just the night time breathing, wheezing, coughing. But I want to get back to normal for my workouts! Ive been on task with it and its messing me up!

My libido feels pretty non exsistant almost since the first day I got sick, Ive been on a high since last yr since being on testosterone, and I skipped one day when I was sick that night and just was too tired to go apply it. So we shall see how that goes. Im going to experiment with taking my progesterone differently instead of orally, more like a suppository, as I get bloated and lots of women are on the oral form on the groups Im a part of, and they are finding inserting it, it bypasses the liver, and you also dont get the bloating and dizzy/feeling tired side effects if you dont take it orally. But its okay, I can stand to mellow out a bit as Ive been so high in the libido area for mos now, and thinking about it every day, granted we are having more sex then ever and enjoying it, but its nice to not be so mentally distracted. And sitting in bed wheezing doesnt feel very sexy.

Got to talk to my sis today, she said "Ive been sad, we arent all getting together" umm hello? Im the one whos said that and the one whos reached out. I last saw her last yr when she was in the state and we met up and spent the day. But my brother has been near me on more then 3-4 occassions and doesnt even reach out, I just see social media posts saying where he is and Im always saying "Hey! Your nearby!" but he doesnt ever contact me or try to meet up, Ive reached out many times and at this point I give up after being blown off over and over. Have no idea whats up with that.

So Ive really just resigned myself that this is how it is, not to have any expectations as Ive had them and been so let down and hurt and dont understand this. So Ive had to let it go, let them go. Its husband and I these days.

Have been hearing from my youngest son, he said he relapsed yesterday, hes gone to a bad place, he left the state but then once again is putting himself in the same type of scenario in his new place. He keeps trying to help fix other people and not focusing on getting his own life together, and then he gets all screwed up. Wish he would go to a 12 step group but he poopoos on it still at this point, but he needs support and those who understand.

So Im on the couch now, putting my feet up. Full of good food and in relaxation mode.