Slowly descending into madness
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2022-03-29 12:29:41 (UTC)

Obsession - Spring days

I found my old diary today. There's like 20 entries and I had a very good time reading them. My God I've changed so much. So so so so much. I'll just write an example here, it's from 2017.

"Seriously everything's just so disturbing. What's the point of celebrating 1st day of Spring anyway? It's not like there will be a beautiful change in my life like there's one in nature"

So, I became this from that. When I say "this" I mean I love spring. I'm obsessed with celebrating Spring. Hell, I love the season. I love the smell in the air, I love it when neem flowers blossom. It smells amazing, I love how the flowers look, I love rickshaw rides in this weather, winter is too cold for me, I love it when I hear cuckoos. I'm obsessed with spring and celebration of 1st day of spring, I love wearing red saree, putting on make up and celebrating the hell out of it. People will really fly kites and I observe from distance. I like everything about spring, it's like nature's own festival.

I found out from my old entries, that I used to love winter ahahaha. I changed so much, it's so beautiful and a happy change. I love this! I have no clue how it happened though.