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I Hate Middle School
2022-03-28 19:52:26 (UTC)

Therapist Lady


Today… I went to a therapist lady. I’m not happy about it or mad about it, just kinda “meh” about the whole thing. This entry isn’t gunna say much, I don’t think. Just kinda recap what I told her if that makes sense.

One of the first things she asked me when I walked in was what I thought of therapy. I told her I wasn’t happy about it but also not upset. Just that I didn’t know anything about it. She asked me if I knew what it was and I said no. She asked me if I knew what we were going to do and I said no. After a bit of convincing (lol) she accepted that I was literally clueless. Then she decided we were going to do a “get to know me” sort of thing. She told me that what I put in is what I got out so if I was open with her then I’d get a lot out of it. I wish I was less open but honestly I was barely holding back, I’m not gunna make this lady’s job any harder than it needs to be. Plus, I need someone real to talk to.

The questions were hard but she helped me answer them. I had to finish the sentence so the first one was “my family is…” I said “chaotic?” and she asked me why. I told her about everyone’s anxiety and ADHD and my mom taking off my door and we went on to the next question. I ended up telling her that I admire how much people trust Olivia as well as how much I think about how mean I was to Vinny when I first met him. I told her how my mom makes me cry from nervousness and how I want to something in psychology when I’m older. We talked about school and that’s about it really. We didn’t bring up picking or cutting so other than me (admittedly) crying a bit nothing much happened.

The sucky thing is that she’s only available like once or twice a month so I’m almost definitely switching therapist ladies. Maybe to a man. I wouldn’t hate having a guy but it’s a bit more uncomfortable. I gotta go now, I’ll write again soon! Buh bye!

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