no name
2022-03-28 15:53:32 (UTC)

Don't Mention It, Please and Thank You.

As for me.

Something that won't make them think I'm depressing myself.
That means I have to get rid of those playlists, generally. Keep the ones that are in other languages, and more abstract, silly, with some sort of depth I guess. Reminds me of EXO. Never finished watching those reality shows.
Yet another account I guess. Keeping ROAR, at least. The Scary Jokes. Some weirdcore playlists that were nice. Uhhh, Kikuo, some Cavetown, idk it'll evolve from there I'm sure. I don't really care. Music is a major part of things with me so I know things will change if I force them to, not disappear.

Icicles don't soften when they die.

I still don't know. I showered and brushed because I felt bad. The feeling of my face and it's shape against my pillow disgusted me so I got up and did things.
Thinking about EXO, thinking about manga, thinking about new accounts, thinking about DEO and YRG, thinking about Tyler the Creator! Gotta add him too.
Thinking that I have to become liquid, melt into a mold, and harden so as to not slip past boundaries, leak and gain suspicion.

Accounts-Music, manga, exo, youtube, games. idk anymore abt what id do. its lost, my direction. i have things i gotta do, things i dont wanna do. places i'll need to go. places i wish didn't even exist. so so so done already.

I think I might just end up not caring.