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I Hate Middle School
2022-03-27 17:42:36 (UTC)

Skate Station


Honestly, there's not much to talk about right now so this entire entry'll probably be about the skate station. Before we talk about what happened there though, I should probably paint you a picture of what it's like there. Not just for you but for me later on in life as well. So, the skate station is like, THE teen hangout spot. It's so popular that they have to block off the entrance with cones so that the place doesn't get overfilled. Open skate starts at 7:30 (but most people arrive a few minutes early) then you wait in line outside for 20-30 minutes while watching late cars get turned around by some 40-year-old guy in an ugly car. Seriously though, you get in line at 7:30 and the entrance is usually closed by 7:40. Sometimes even 7:35 on really crowded weekends. It's pretty crazy. Never too crowded though, it's crowded enough to be called crowded but it's like 10-20 people short of being unbearable. So just tolerable. Just the way most teens like it though. It's a great place for teens to go to feel like an adult without actually being an adult... Except for the times they do very adult things. I've never seen anything there but it's not uncommon for kids to make out and do drugs in the bathroom. I think around a year ago there was even a shooting-type thing. Nobody got shot but there was enough panic for some stricter rules to be put in place so that's great.

The people who go there are about what you'd expect. A few 8-11 year olds, a few 20-30 year olds, and a ton of 13-18 year olds. Every kid there is either goth, alt, gay, in cosplay, or some mixture of all of those. I mean, there are a few kids who don't fit into those guidelines but let's be honest, they're either the 'off' kids or the sluts. I can say that cause one of them is a stripper and the other had sex at 12. The world is fucked up dude. Either way, the entire time I'm there it's just me looking around and being jealous of everyone's clothes. Like, as much as I hate to admit it (I don't really hate to admit it), goth/emo clothing is awesome. Like, it's sooooo pretty. I think that the skate station is just kind of a place for teens to be teens without anyone judging them. Most kids get dropped off and picked up so there aren't many adults to tell us what to do. Other than the douchebags smoking weed in the bathrooms, everyone there is really nice and polite. If you fall over there'll be people asking if you're okay and as long as you don't look completely normal you're sure to get compliments.

I'm not the type to go there every weekend but in general, I like it there. If someone invites me to go with them I'll force myself to go and I never regret it. It's my monthly social interaction... maybe every other month but still. I like to use it as an excuse to dress up in my favorite clothing and do my makeup more than usual. Favorite jeans, favorite shirt, bright colors, best accessories. I know it sounds stupid to adults but it's not like they dress up every day either. They only do their hair and shit when they have somewhere important to be (that's not work or the grocery store) so they can think what they want I guess. It feels so nice to dress up and go roller skating (or rollerblading since that's what I do). You're in your best clothing, high on sugar, flying around a rink with your friends. My favorite thing to do is copy the professional-looking people. That's the only reason I can do any of the tricks I can do. I'm not the best with tricks but I can jump, do a crossover, and I like to do this thing where I don't lift my feet up. Instead, I just jerk my hips around and angle my feet and it looks kinda nice... I think. Idk, I like to swerve around to the beat of the music. Oh! And I can also balance on one foot for a good amount of time. I still can't backward skate good but at least I try. My goal is to be like my neighbor kid Logan. He practically lives at the skate station and knows just about every trick in the book by heart. He's pretty damn cool and he knows it. A lot of people think he's a show-off but honestly, if you were that good at skating would you not be a show-off? Same with the workers and older people. They're really good and they have a short loop of a routine that they do to certain songs but it's only like three steps and cn be done by one person or the entire building if we all knew how. Either way, impressive.

That's a lot more than I thought I had to say about the skate station but you know, we're rolling with it. Haha, "rolling with it." I didn't mean to do that but that's good. Anyway, I was there yesterday and this entry was supposed to address what happened there. It wasn't really anything bad, just something a little upsetting, something a little emotional, and a lot of fun! First off, the people who went there. It was Vinny, Rowan (/Ace?), Michael, Olivia, Kiara, and I. Then there was also this kid named Noah that Kiara and I met in line. The whole thing was set up by Vinny but I was the one to contact Riley (who didn't come), Kiarra, and both of us talked to Olivia. So I ended up driving Kiara and once we got inside it was awesome. Vinny skated up to us and said hi then we found Olivia by the door. Vinny introduced me to his sister (Beatrice), Rowan, and some other kids who went with them. After that Michael came in and we all went out on the rink. At first, I stuck around with Olivia and Michael but both of them were pretty meh at skating/still getting used to it and I wanted to skate fast so I went and skated with Vinny for a bit. It wasn't much but it was still fun. We just kind of talked for a bit and he had me watch him turn??? He told me to watch what he did and I definitely watched but he didn’t really do anything so idek anymore. He also showed me how he can crouch down skating which was cool. I’d totally outdo him if I could but I probably can’t and I think it’s better that I just told him it was cool anyway. He kept falling over which was funny but it was cool, he survived. I’d love to do it again sometime lol.

After that I spent pretty much the rest of the day with Olivia. She was pretty slow at skating but once she got the hang of it I ended up dragging her around as fast as we could go. She fell like twice but she was alright and it was still fun. During couples skate we held hands and skated around which was funny. We’d jokingly get together for three minutes then jokingly break up at the end. I love my friends. While we were skating around we ended up having a semi deep conversation which was nice. I don’t know what it is about her but she’s really good at making people open up. I think it’s how open she is with others but I could be wrong. We talked about our opinions on emotional intelligence. I said that I wasn’t the most emotionally intelligent person and she said that she was. I doubt she’s over emotionally intelligent but I’m not gunna invalidate what she says. Especially in front of her. I think she’s got around the same emotional intelligence as me. One thing we agreed on though is that Vinny’s not the most emotionally intelligent person to exist. I DO NOT talk bad about my friends to anyone besides sometimes my diary so that’s all we said but I’m going to elaborate here.

Vinny doesn’t like Gatorade! Jkjk, he doesn’t like it and we both agreed to go to hell for his sin but thats not what I meant. Vinny has too many friends. Yeah ‘you can never have too many friends’ but he has too many for him to handle. He invited all of these kids to do stuff or we all do stuff in school but he always ends up picking one friend and ignoring everyone else. I get it but even I’ll admit it hurts a bit. And I can tell it hurts other too, specifically Olivia. I thought we were all good friends but anytime he gets the chance to get away from us he does. He doesn’t walk with us to classes or lunch anymore, he leaves the lunch table to go to others, when there’s a school event he hangs out with his other friends, and at the skate station he hung out with Rowen the entire time! Vinny has a girlfriend and yet he held hands with Rowen, they shared an icee when they had enough for two, and they did the gay heart thing with their hands. That can be excused as friend things, I get it, but I just thought I’d point it out too. They spent the entire time together. When I felt bad, thinking it was my fault we weren’t hanging out, I went and told him to get out in the rink and skate with me. Gangnam Style was playing so I thought I’d be fun for us and our friends to skate around and try to do the dance on skates. Instead he talked to his other friends till the some was over then skated off while holding hands with Rowen! At least now I know it wasn’t my fault. Olivia did the dances with me though. Cupid shuffle and all that. She said I was her favorite friends and thanked me for not leaving her behind. She flatters me TUT

During the last 15-30 minutes Olivia had to leave and I was left alone. But then I spotted Michael leaning on the railing looking at the other kids who were skating. He’d been mostly alone the entire time so I figured I’d force him to go skating with me. We got on the rink and you know how I said he was meh at skating a while ago? Well I lied, he haven’t skated in years and he’s absolute shit. Not to be mean but that poor kids ankles were at a 70 degree angle outwards and he was practically walking instead of skating. Since now he couldn’t escape me >:) I decided I was going to teach him to rollerblade. We went out and I showed him how to do it. We went around twice then he told me he didn’t trust himself and gave up. That kid didn’t even try. Eventually I dragged him back into the rink and we went around once more but he gave up again. He said he was hungry and his ankles hurt. I believe his ankles hurt (lol) but I knew that wasn’t the real reason he didn’t want to skate. He was just embarrassed that he couldn’t skate. I kept asking him for a real reason and he just said he didn’t know and that’s how I could tell. I tried to get him back on the rink but by the time I convinced him to go around again it was time to leave. Next time though, he agreed that we’re going around again and I’m teaching him how to rollerblade so ha! Next time~

I’m gunna go now but I have one last thing to include that I couldn’t fit in anywhere else. Apparently I’m the only person who’s not Olivia’s family’s to ever hold her hand. Kind of an odd fact but I’ll take it >:D. Sorry if my grammar sucked, I’m typing this full speed on my phone without grammarly so yeah. I’ll write again soon! Buh bye now!

~ Gentleman