Slowly descending into madness
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2022-03-26 17:03:16 (UTC)

Welcome- to- unemployment

The single best thing I've ever done to myself was leaving Rank Wizards. To celebrate that, I ordered food from Izakaya and BFC both. Never have I ever seen a workplace environment so toxic before. These people are continuously snapping at each other and conspiring against each other, like damn, don't you have some work to get done?

Last year I almost cried because of the work pressure and guess what the money isn’t even worth it. I've never been so happy honestly. It was getting on my nerves. I also have 3 other projects running now so I don’t care about keeping myself busy. Even if I had nothing, I can always revisit my old hobbies.

I've never been happier in terms of work, in my life. This feeling that I'm feeling right now, is called mental peace. I'll feel this until these people come back again for QC.

The lessons I've learned from this are:
- Never get into a workplace which is run by my university people
- Never work with/under my classmates, 50% will turn out to be very complicated
- SEO is bullshit.