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2022-03-23 19:42:04 (UTC)

What Makes Me Happy


So, as you might know, my life has been pretty depressing lately. I was reading my old entries too and they seem a little less sad but still, depressing. So instead of being sad right now, I'm going to talk about things that make me happy!

First thing, is music. God, I love music. From AC/DC to Olivia Rodrigo to Rebzyyx, I adore all types of music. Right now I'm listening to my "girl rock" type playlist and it's amazing. Who Took The Bomp, Reputation, Porcelain Jesus, Carnival, aaaaaa they make me so happy! Some of my favorite songs right now would have to be... Well, it changes almost daily but right now I've been listening to a lot of Melanie Martinez songs like Pity Party and Carousel. GUY.exe by superfruit is pretty good and so is Ho Hey by Lumineers. Music I listened to in (around) 2015-2018 is probably the best when it comes to making me happy. It just has a certain vibe to it that makes me happy :)

Another thing that makes me happy is rainy weather. I like the smell, I like the look, I like the sound, I like the feel. It's just calming and that's great! I especially like it when it's not quite rainy but it's misty. Not quite hot out but not cold either. Yessssssssss, I love it so much! Then and right after it rains is the best time to go on a walk in my opinion. Yeah, it might be a little wet but that's the price you pay for a nice atmosphere.

Speaking of walks, that also makes me happy. I like the feeling of wandering, with no set location and nobody to stop me. Pure bliss! And when I put earbuds in with music that matches the mood- Yes!

*I got interrupted so I might finish this later*

~ Gentleman

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