Gentleman ♀

I Hate Middle School
2022-03-18 12:19:02 (UTC)

Today Sucks So Far


You read the title, you know how it goes. Today kinda sucks. I'm not having a sleepover with Olivia like I planned, my nose is runny and I'm probably getting sick, we're out of coffee, and I left my headphones in my mom's car. I can deal with the rest but goddamn how do people live without music constantly blasting in their ears? The runny nose sucks too! And, one of my nails is filed down super crooked and I don't have clippers or a file. You know, it's the small things that really piss me off. I guess I am walking up to DQ after school with Olivia though, and maybe Vinny, so at least I get a reward for making it through this miserable day. Buh bye for now :')

~ Gentleman