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2022-03-19 22:06:21 (UTC)


My heart hurts
And that one time, where that dude (gross weirdo ew human) touched my headphones, when I did eventually tell my mom, she got mad on my behalf, I appreciate it
Since they found out about my sh stuff she made me promise not to do that (specifically to my arms😐 tho she did find out abt the thighs too after the doctor appointment) mutilation stuff again. I still have other stuff I could do it with. And scratching isn’t rly as bad anyway. Debating. I just want something. Something. I need to sleep. But I want something. Not some YouTube audio. Not a movie. Not a reading. Not- well I could go for some tea but im sure it wouldn’t help. I want something. I have a bad feeling in my gut. Like some sort of bad energy inside me. toe curling bad.
These sorts of things are hard to name or pin point.

Omfg. I’m never. I hate google. Google images. I hate. Oh. Fudge. THats sickening. No actually. It’s like a mix of scary and fudging UGH OMG WTF.

Um. I don’t feel like getting out of bed and I know I need to out my phone down to sleep but it’s such a boring alternative I feel like I’m going to die. How childish. And it’s funny to be aware of it and still continue doing it. Perhaps that’s the difference between us teenagers and old people. One actually thinks and acts as though the future and consequences matter.

Tea? No. Games? N- wait. Genshin impact. Fudge what a waste of time that would be so why is it so tempting. Everything is a waste of time. Life is a waste of time. Actually trying to be anything at this age, as me, is a waste of time. I should be dead, but at the moment, I’m not, so this moment is a waste of time. Just do what you want and don’t do anything contradictory to what you’re aiming for. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot my luvr (read: don’t be an idiot if u can). ❤️