Gentleman ♀

I Hate Middle School
2022-03-19 22:52:13 (UTC)

Not A Care


You know what? I’ve been really stressed out about the whole Vinny and Olivia and Athena thing but today I’m not feeling it. I feel good today, and nobody’s secrets are going to stress me out. I got to sleep in today, I took a hot shower, my nails are sparkly and pink. Even standing in the freezing rain for two hours selling girlscout cookies didn’t ruin my day. I just put my headphones in and hung out with my friends. Quick note, old people are awesome, this old lady looked at me from her car and I pointed at her then at the booth a few times, nodding. She put her hands up and shrugged a “sorry I can’t”. I nodded again and she shook her head again. She was smiling the whole time and even though she didn’t buy cookies she was still awesome. Anyway, I just feel good today. Nothings gunna bring me down >:D

I don’t even know why I’m happy, nothing super good happened or anything, but I still feel on top of it. I’m gunna go on a walk now. Listen to some happy music. Buh bye!

~ Gentleman