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2022-03-19 14:29:33 (UTC)


No because I’m sitting here thinking and like
These are actual grown ups. Older than us. That are somehwre here in the world working and living real lives and how tf did they get their pictures on the internet? I’m seeing this crap and they’re countries aWay, no one came over with a drawing they made of them I’m legit just seeing them in their working environment or simply living bc they’re idols (??like wtf) and they and I wow and why? So weird.
No and it’s crazy because they’re like universally good looking like I’m sure there are ppl that don’t like that kind of look but at the Same time you know? I wonder what bros set of genes are. Like what is the combination of nucleus acids he has that make bro look so different from me. And like what do they think of themselves? Are they conceited? I wouldn’t know how to act if I looked like that 💀💀 how’s their mental health? Their confidence? Do they trip out when they look in the mirror? Do they have any symptoms if body dysmorphia or bad body images?