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I Hate Middle School
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2022-03-17 13:28:31 (UTC)

St Patricks Day But Also I'm A Bad Person

Happy St. Patricks Day,

So I know I'm not suuuuuper Irish so this might be unjustified but I love St Patricks' day. My great-grandma is super proud of her Irish heritage and my dad is in an Irish rock band so it's a relatively big deal. I love the music my dad plays, I love the food we get to eat, and I love the parades on tv. Given, my dad's band only really plays in pubs and bars but I still like listening to it on youtube. Once my dads band got to play in a parade on tv so that was cool. It was a long time ago tough so I barely remember it. His bands name is CRAIC and you know, I always used to tell people that it meant a crack in the ground because that's what he told me but no! He lied to me! Except it dosen't mean cocaine, craic is an Irish term. Apparently it cant really be described but it pretty means something good. A good feeling, a good time, good luck. Thats so much better then a crack in concrete or something. Like, why would he even lie to me about that? Everyone I told about the crack in the ground thing probably thinks that it really means cocaine and they were just lying to me! Which to be fair, yeah, they were lying. But it doesent mean anything bad! My parents are idiots.

I think my dads band is playing at some pub right now somewhere. Its kind of funny though because they all look like idiots while they're playing. First, they're all like- 40 year old men then there's a 30 year old woman onm flute and some 17 year old girl on violin! They're seriously taking some minor (and girl) around with them to pubs and shit. This poor girl is either going to get drunk or accuse someone of getting her drunk. Great... But also my dad had this nice outfit picked out, a nice white shirt, jeans, and a nice grey vest. The vest was a bit dorky, I'm not afreaid to admit it, but it looked nice. But last second, instead of wearing his nice outfit he decided to not wear the vest and wear this stupid jacket from when he was in highschool instead! Don't get me wrong, I really like the jacket. It's dark green with leopard print accents sewn on by my aunt and patches around the front, but he's some 40 year old man playing Irish rock before noon in a pub. It's a cool jacket, I'll probably steal it when I'm older, but he looks like an idiot. And he makes weird faces when he plays guitar too. They're doomed. Then theres their singer, Brett. He looks like a leprocon. He's like 5'3 and well built with a beard and whatever. I guess it fits with the theme? And my uncle, he's not too bad but he likes to get into it when hes playing guitar. It's... entertaining to say the least.

A small update on the whole Vinny and Olivia situation, it's pretty normal. In the mornings its a little awkward but by the time it's lunch they've warmed up to eachother and we're all good. Vinny's calmed down from his high, Olivia's warmed up to the renewed friendship, it's goig better then I expected. I think they'll / we'll be completlely over it by monday (it's thursday for refrence).

Ummmmmmm, so, good things hapening. On Monday to Tuesday we're going to kalihari for Haileys birthday which is pretty cool. My mom bought us water shoe things to so it's even better. Maybe a little dorky but thats a small price to pay for a lack of foot fungis in my oppinion. And I get to miss school for two days. I was pretty close to going to the skate station today too if that counts as a good thing happening. I was gunna go with Olivia, then with Kiarra, and then Vinny asked if I was going and I told him my parents couldn't take me but he never responded so oh well. I was only gunna ask if he offered and he didn't so whatever. I guess I know how Kiarra feels all the time though now when I never answer her texts. I think I've been getting better but honestly, not by much. Some of my friends are lucky I answer at all though, Olivia texts me like every other hour! I mean I get it, I'm her best friend, she's my best friend, but goddamn I don't need to know every time you wear a crop top. You wore one two days ago, its not that big of a deal. It's barely even a crop top anyways, its only when you ift your arms all the way up! And Kiarra only texts me to ask to go up to the gas station or to play minecraft! I'll answer if I want to go, I can't say no to anyone! I'd rather just ignore her then tell her that I'm not in the mood. God I'm pathetic...

Is it normal to hate your friends? Like, hate them but in a jealoud, "I could never disapoint you, I'm not even worthy of looking at you" kind of way? It's like a Rick And Morty sort of dynamic where my friends are Rick and I'm Morty. I fucking hate them, so much, but I'd literally do anything for them and I could never say no to them because they're like litteral gods in my eyes. They're all so smart and pretty and funny and amazing and I'm just me. Along for the ride. Here for whenever they need someone to talk to or someone to hang out with or a ride to the skate station

*I stopped writing. Might finish later, might not, sorry!*