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me and my life
2022-03-16 09:29:31 (UTC)

And finally Good time is here..

My heart is so happy.. so overwhelmed to write that am living best of my life right now. I am happy in all state physically, mentally, emotionally. Wedding is over, honeymoon is over and we both are bonding well... am glad that I married who fell in love me before we got married, I love him too. he is a nice guy. It took me some time to fall in love and to accept him but it was smooth. My wedding was so beautiful and the best wedding I have so far attended in my life, My in laws are good, house is good, I witnessed snow for the first time in Sonmarg, everything is good for the very 1st time in life I feel like am in a happy space where I do not worry much about anything before I sleep. There is love, family, job, health, future wow wow wow... thank god and universe for putting up everything good for me at right time. what did I learn in this process?? I learnt to be patient, to believe in self and god, to hope for better no matter how bad the time is.
I am amazed how time flew by and negative people got out of my life just like that, how everything got in place like a puzzle piece, how it worked out when I lost something I gained it too, how my office work was managed, no challenges no hustle like it was just meant to happen. It happened like am watching some movie and things are happening like a fiction hahaha... like a fairytale. When time was bad and nothing felt right I left it on god, I adopted the mantra of going with the flow because nothing was right, nothing was on place. No job, No love life, no money, mom was ill and all I felt was negative energy around me. The mantra of going with the flow really worked out for me. now that I have a base and a future to look forward Ill go with the flow but i have a long goal list to accomplish.

I thank god each day for giving me strength in my lowest time of my life and I also thank him for giving me good time and I pray for strength for me and everyone to deal with bad times in life. I miss mom, sis and my munchkins but they are happy that am happy. After few months new challenges are on it way when Ill move to Canada, but am sure Ill make it. Life will be good.