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I Hate Middle School
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2022-03-12 18:40:08 (UTC)

Shreck The Musical - Final Day


So, so far I’ve been here around 2 - 2 1/2 hours and it’s going pretty good. I don’t feel stressed but something’s definitely up cause I’ve just been overwhelmed or something. I was stricter with McKayla, kept telling Kaitlyn and Emma to stop touching me, and I didn’t even recognize Olivia when I walked past her at first. Then when I finally realized it was her I just said “hi, I didn’t notice it was you. I’ve gotta go now bye” and that was it. My brain is mush.

From now on, this is being written after the first performance and after the dinner-lunch thing we eat at like 4:00 - 4:30. Ummmm yeah, I’ve been here for 6 1/2 hours now and honestly it’s not going much better. I’m still stressed out and stuff but I’ve had tons of good moments too. Dani (one of the girl who’s makeup I do) is super nice and we just kinda hung out while I did her makeup. She’s pretty cool. Oh! When Vinny was finished with his performance he came up and gave me a hug. Not awkward, just a hug. It was nice. I also gave him the gummy bears which was nice. I ended up saying something close to “these were supposed to be a sorry yesterday sucked sort of gift but my mom was late so now it’s a yay, today didn’t suck sorta gift”. At first I thought he didn’t like that kind of gummy bears (Albanese) bacuase he wasn’t eating them but I guess he was just waiting. I’m glad he liked them TUT

This last bit is being written after the performance at my house. After the last show we got to go out and sing believer with the cast. We weren’t on the stage which was kinda sad but we were in front of it which is close enough I guess. It was a little awkward but I still kinda moved around to the beat and sang so it wasn't all bad. Students gave speeches for teachers, teachers thanked students, it was all very emotional.

By the end (after the show when we were taking off the makeup and costumes for the last time and saying goodbye to the eighth graders) almost everyone was crying. I told all the knights to say goodbye to their beards because I was gunna burn them. Dani, the girl who got the 5 o’clock shadow drawn in with eyeshadow and eyeliner, came to me bawling her eyes out. I gave her the makeup wipes then when she was done I gave her a hug. When she walked away I said “no, not the 5 o’clock shadow~” and I guess that was funny. McKenna was crying pretty hard too so I just hugged her then gave her the makeup wipes. Emma and Kaitlyn kept hugging me too and they were crying. I wasn’t crying myself because god forbid I cry in front of anyone except my mom, but honestly I’m pretty sure if Vinny cried any more than he did I would have cried a little too. He wasn’t crying much though, his eyes were just teary. I knew he’d cry at some point. The kid’s too open to not.

Side note, I’m so happy that I became friends with Vinny. Especially after how bad I treated him in 4th, 5th, and even 6th grade. I was such an asshole to him but he still stayed friends with me. When I sat alone on the bus in 5th grade, even when I was still sorta a bitch to him (not as much though) he sat by me and talked. I was so mean to him but he saw that I was alone and talked to me. He’s such a good person, I don’t deserve to be good friends with him. I don’t even deserve to associate with half the people I talk to. I’m so pathetic.

Anyways, after the performance and after most people stopped crying he had to leave. We had one last hug and I couldn’t help but tell him he did awesome. I was gunna tell him more but, again, he had to leave and I was fine with just the hug and kind words for now. Maybe later on in the year I’ll tell him how much he means to me but I don’t want to go too fast into it. I’m happy where I am and I hope in the future we can be even closer. Also, I figured out yesterday that Vinny has a diary too. I should have known lol. I gotta go now, I’ll write again soon! <3

(quick note from a while later, some girl and her around three-year-old sister came up to Vinny while he was in his costume and said that she wanted to meet Pinnochio. He did the voice and talked to her for a minute or two then sent her on her way and thanked her for coming to see the show. It was hands down the cutest thing I've ever seen <3 Vinny, although rude sometimes, has to be godsent or something)

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