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I Hate Middle School
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2022-03-12 06:31:32 (UTC)

The Angry Email

Mrs. [she wants us to call her Mrs. Pal as short for her last name... Nobody does],

Tonight, at the school performance of Shrek The Musical Jr, the student audience's behavior was unacceptable. I personally was not there to witness what happened but according to the cast, half of the audience tonight was booing at them after every scene. I, being a student myself, understand that we do stupid things sometimes but most of the cast and even a few crew members came back to the makeup and/or costume room crying because of the hate.

I also noticed that at no point that I'm aware of, did any of the teachers apologize or even address what happened to the cast or crew. It is absolutely horrible that the musical was allowed to continue while the audience was booing all of the hardworking cast, and since nothing was done about it I think that somebody needs to address the pods who attended, if not the entire building, about how to act respectfully at a performance.

Thank you for your consideration,

~~~ Her Response ~~~

Dear [Gentleman] -
Yes some students made a poor decision. Their behavior was immediately addressed by Mr. Albright and the teachers. You know we would never allow that type of negative behavior. Thank you for caring and for your email. I hope you had a chance to attend last night’s show. It was amazing! Thanks again.
Mrs. [she wants us to call her Mrs. Pal as short for her last name... Nobody does]

~~~ It's kind of ironic though since I didn't get a chance to watch the show because I was wrongfully punished in a group for something someone else did. They knew who did it too but instead of just punishing those kids they decided to punish everyone ~~~