Gone mental

Notes from my Black
2022-03-12 05:29:17 (UTC)


This guy I met a few years ago is into some stuff I find questionable… but he’s a really nice person. I’ve kinda kept him at an arm length for the time I’ve known him. He is into downloading free movies and tv shows. He does this a lot. He uses questionable methods to ge them all free… well to me it’s not a grey area. I have done it (he taught me), but I also ruined a computer doing it… he doesn’t mind wiping his hard drive every few weeks… I have a lead weight and a new computer. We are different. He is also kinda religious, which I can’t relate to either.

I hadn’t heard or seen him in a few months. Months not hearing from him is not uncommon. Not seeing him… he works at the grocery. I usually see him weekly.

He contacted me tonight to tell me about his life and ask me about mine. We online chatted for about an hour. When I had to go he called me his friend… I have considered him a friend, but really an acquaintance that I like. I may sound stupid… but I guess I have a friend. It may be that he invites me to go to his wedding… or maybe he wants to have it in my back yard. That would be kinda cool too.

I’ve felt pretty ghosted as of late. I know I’m not anyone special in people’s lives, so it makes me feel good knowing someone reached out to me. So if you reached out to me, thanks. If you haven’t… please do. I miss hearing from my friends.