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2022-03-11 14:17:55 (UTC)

Shrek The Musical - Opening Day


So yesterday was the opening day of the musical and overall it was amazing. I have to spend 13 1/2 hours at school both today and tomorrow but it's worth it. I wake up at 6:30, get ready in an hour, spend 13 1/2 hours at school, then get home by 9-9:45. Fun right. But like I said it's sooooo worth it. Everyone's so nice and so talented. I didn't even know that 99% of these kids existed until drama club but I still get so happy when they come on stage. It probably doesn't mean much coming from a complete stranger but everyone's gotten so much better and I'm so proud of the entire club. The show is awesome too, even the mistakes we made were seen as cool and intentional. I didn't even do anything other than put 3 people's makeup on but when anyone came out I was like YESSSSSSSSS!

I've practically memorized the show by now, I've seen it so many times, and everyone improved so much it's unbelievable. The witch, the dragon, and mama ogre have amazing voices and Vinny and Athena seriously stole the show. Everyone I asked said that they did amazing and fit the characters perfectly. Athenas spunk and Vinnys'... Vinnyness just made the show. By the end when they were all taking the bows I was in the back swinging my fist around going "that's my boy" or "that's my little ogre" when Vinny or McKenna came out. McKenna by the way is the girl who's makeup I do. She plays baby shrek. That used to be the only person who's makeup I was assigned do but now I have 5 more. 6 people sounds like alot but 4 of them is just me helping them clip a fake beard on so it takes like a minute. If I have an hour to do everyones' makeup I can do the knights (bearded people) in 15 minutes max leaving me with 15-20 minutes to do McKenna (baby shrek) because she takes a while -- due to her energy-- and 15 minutes to do the captain of the guards. For Baby Shrek I have to pin up her french braid, paint her face and neck green, and put her hat on. For the captain of the guards, I've never done them before but from what I've seen I just shade a 5 o'clock shadow on with eyeshadow and dot on some stubble with liquid eyeliner. It shouldn't be that hard. If I'm lucky maybe I'll even get to do a last-minute Duloc or mouse or something. I've gotta go, write more later.

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