■ Captain's Log ■
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2022-03-10 18:43:20 (UTC)

If i will die, do not waste my time.

For many things now and then, i have enough. Should i say it was not bad for my last beef bowl meal. i was once hoping not to reckless my waste. ya.. my fears. God is holy, and He demands holy. But i have enough, its my will, to the things i loved, and the lost by my sins. My effort for my hope, the first page of my diary.
As a captain, in my thoughts of my maryland sis, and my burden neighbor brothers, i do not like to mention those my closest ones who betray me. And noticed the church room i am in. Like i eager to pass the judgement. All that i eager..
I am here now..
fix my aging..fix my fate.. fix my words.