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I Hate Middle School
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2022-03-07 14:12:33 (UTC)

Best Friend Stuff


I'm back. I know, you're soooo happy to see me again. Alright, so this entry is just gunna be a jumble of things that happened recently, not really about a set topic. I know this entry's titled Best Friend Stuff but that's only really due to the fact that most of these have to do with my best friends. And even then, they're my best friends, almost everything I do relates back to them.

So first off I'll talk about the 7th grade social. I don't think I ever told you anything about it so I'll sum it up rn. It was a school party for the 7th graders at my school. They had a DJ, games, a raffle kind of thing, and food. Not too much happened but it was still fun. Vinny and I walked around for a while looking for our friends when we decided to go outside of the gym and eat. There we found Riley, Kiarra, and Olivia. While we were eating Kiarra was complaining about how slow of an eater I was. She said she was a quick eater like it was such a great thing. I decided to have a little fun and replied "oh really? Wanna prove it to me?" and omg it was hilarious. She was all flustered and speechless. And she says she's not even a little gay, like AlRiGhT kIaRrA, wHaTeVeR yOu SaY.

After that, we all went inside the gym and just kinda hung out. Eventually, Vinny went off to talk to his endless amount of other friends, Kiarra and Riley went to the corner to play a game, and Olivia and I went to go dance. I think it's funny how embarrassed some people get about dancing, like, who gives a shit? "oH mY gOd ThEyRe HaViNg FuN!? gRoSs!" nobody does that, nobody cares. We all did the cupid shuffle then me and Olivia did the chicken dance and some other stuff I don't remember. Then around the end, Olivia said I was her best friend. It was such a small thing but the fact that she took the time to tell me I was her best friend made me feel like infinity. I told her she was my best friend too and she was surprised! Who else would she be to me? She's awesome! By the end of the dance Kiarra, Riley, Wyatt, and I were playing giant Jenga in the back of the gym, it was fun. Nothing too special but overall a good day.

The next thing that happened was Emmas birthday. That was a bit sucky too, I'll admit. It turns out they're not having a family party but instead we were going to eat at hibachi. It was almost good but just enough things went wrong to make it meh. I'm not sure how to make a smooth transition so I'm just not going to. My grandpa had a goddamn heart attack on Emmas' birthday! That's Grandpa T, my moms' dad. That's every single grandpa I have either in the hospital or dead. Like, geez what does the universe have against my grandpas?

*I stopped writing, might finish later*