Dream Scribe

2022-03-07 17:24:13 (UTC)

What Is Created Out Of Sickness Can Only Heal.

19th October, 2022.
Here's where I will write now.

Original Re-edited Entry.
(I don't remember writing this, which isn't to say that I didn't. I'm still unwell is all.)

The information you seek has fallen loose at the spine of time whereas, time itself has either marched on, or is still marching. November is a great month to ponder the past in bite sized segments while in the same lucid breath, anticipate something far better than what is right now.
I wish for tomorrow's lunch. Miss dining out on the town. One fine blessing removed at an irreplaceable cost. The day grows heavy ; saddened by the knowledge that I won't be receiving any gifts for a while.
Life seems the same yet different : the strong arm of paradox lightly encircles my hurting heart.
Feel no difference. Abstain from newswatching like the plague.
One prayer away from the red carpet that leads to hell.
I yearn for "it" and cry to no avail.
I rise in The Lord, I live under the care of My Lord, I lie down to rest in The Lord, I walk in His Light daily. I still don't want to be here much. The closer I get to Him, the less I want to be here, and the more I want to go home to Him.
This life is not easy. Even at the best of times it's an arduous back-breaking journey. This is life. This is too beautiful.
Look at each blessing I have been given. I can scarcely count them.
It's good to be able to see past my own sorry ass regularly. There's nothing better for me than this.
Opensource became a mandate created in Heaven especially for this time. In the fast and furious lanes of life a small pathway needed to be built from one end of earth to the other and back again through the places that were missed previously.
And who loves and despises work more than I do? Love-Hate Relationships. Striving to live clear of these types nowadays. That's hell right there ~ loving and hating the same person, place or thing. What manner of insanity that this matters to me? Not a rhetorical issue at all. It's real.
Opensource is information amidst information especially where one would least expect it to be. I do see you know and I have kind of known for a while, however, you must always excuse me because I'm just a little bit slow on the uptake in some areas of life on account that my energy is going elsewhere.
Make Opensource a fun place to be because I do understand that it's a tedious arduity all its own and I can't help you further. When apologies don't rise to the occasion just know that I have empathy far wider than the oceans and more broad than the bluest azure sky. Those Azure Eyes I will always love and they match hers perfectly.
So I leave you in Gratitude and Grace and Thanksgiving. It's been a hell of a hectic ride. The best is yet to come and don't forget to pray.