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2022-03-03 22:24:14 (UTC)
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ranDom Thoughts

I love that W/we start each day together like it’s a newborn relationship!

This week it has been tough to spend the usual quality time with My s / w / c that is our hallmark. I started the week traveling and she has had back to back busy days with work. Through it all, W/we hold hands and plant kisses and rebirth Our beautiful thing each and every day.

Today I stepped aside in the late afternoon so that she could spend some time with a new member in Our home. This girl has an obvious strong attraction to My girl and it seems there may be some sensual sparks there. I love to see her happy and pleased, but I will continue a watchful eye as Master and Protector. Time will tell how this all develops and transpires. I know it won’t effect U/us.

I trust My submissive and she trusts Me. That’s foundational and real and 10 years of commitment is the proof.

Master Connor