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2022-03-02 07:00:25 (UTC)

A Little Too High (not me dummy, I'm 13)


I've got nothing better to do at 2:02 AM on a school night (besides sleep) so I just thought I'd update you/me on this. So remember my cousins Ethan and Sarah and my aunt from my past entry A Little Too Real? No? Well then go and read at least the last half of it cause I don't feel like explaining. So... umm... it turns out my aunt was most likely high off her ass when she told me all that and that she's a drug addict. Wow, I know. I think Emma (My Cousin) told me that it was her neighbor giving her crack or something.

Side note, they're not actually my cousins. They're my cousin Emmas' cousins. So my aunts' husbands' brothers' family. Anyways, the dad is an abusive asshole who once broke his daughter's arm (older and moved out, not Haileys' friend), the mom's a drug addict, the son's a mentally fucked up kid in need of some serious help, one daughter has an abusive boyfriend and all that shit, and the last daughter is just a normal girl trying to deal with all that. I feel bad, everyone except the dad is a good person, they just took the wrong path I guess. One last thing, I never did get closer with Ethan... Whelp I've gotta go to sleep now so good night! Buh bye!

P.S. what's with all these strangers and sending me meaningless grammar lacking messages? Some people on here are nice but some are... heh, odd