deanne and Connor

our dialog
2022-03-01 16:15:02 (UTC)


The weathermen tell me that today is considered "their" first day of spring -- if you believe the astronomers it won't happen for a few more weeks. Either way, the days are growing longer, brighter and warmer! Master has been away a few days on business, and while it typically means i have some additional time on my hands to tend to work or other personal tasks it can also mean some lonely and gray times without Him. i try to keep myself occupied when this happens, and actually work has kept me plenty busy the last two days. But tomorrow He will be back and like the weathermen predicting nicer days ahead that will mean a brighter day for me, regardless of whether its gray outside with rain or snow falling, or whether the sun is high and shining bright.

my days are always brighter when He is part of it!

Welcome home, Master!