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2022-03-01 06:27:21 (UTC)

Random Life Update


So this entry is just kind of an update on what's been going on in my life. I'm not planning on getting angry or talking about any drama really so if that's what you're looking for rn you might want to check out another entry of mine. Now that I think about it though, 99% of the drama in my diary is either an internal conflict or something not involving me whatsoever... I guess that shows how much of a drama queen I am, that being sarcastic obviously. At least to someone on the outside, not counting you since this is my diary.

Anyways, I guess I'll start with the basics of the past week or two since that's been kinda weird. So it turns out I suck at existing and I kinda sorta maybe was missing like 35% of all my classwork for the entire semesterrrrrrrr. So yeah, 20 assignments in 2 days later I was finally back on track. But the literal next day my mom happened to get covid so for the past 5 days I've been at home doing nothing! You'd think that with all this time on my hands I'd do something even personally productive like finishing fnaf 1 2 or sister location, practicing my guitar extra, taking more time to learn Japanese, or work on Back To Normalcy more but no! I've done absolutely none of that! In fact, I've even been slacking off with the last three! I'm such a lazy asshole! I don't even know where that came from tbh but this is a diary so I'm keeping it in. I guess I'm just disappointed in myself and my inability to do anything except watch youtube and take long showers.

While we're on the topic of Back To Normalcy though, I bet you don't even know that that is. Assuming you're not future me looking back on this. Warning, if you cringe easily you might want to skip this paragraph, just a warning. Alright now that that's done with, Back To Normalcy is actually a fanfiction I've been working on recently. I can already feel you, the one reading this, either cringing because you didn't read the warning, or smiling because I remind you of yourself. I know how this works, there are only two types of people when it comes to this kind of stuff. Anyways, it's a multi-chapter long FNAF SB (FNAF = Five Nights At Freddys, SB = Security Breach) fic about how I think it would go if Roxy found Foxy in the basement of the pizzaplex. I wrote it because I had so many ideas I NEEDED to elaborate on and at the time there was not many if anyone making fics like what I wanted to do. My ideas being things like the animatronics feelings, Monty x Foxy, and just Glamrock Foxy in general. Seriously though, Glamrock Bonnie going missing is a huge point in the story but Foxy, who is also missing, isn't mentioned once!? He was obviously there at one point because there's Kids Cove and a whole movie about him but nobody cares! They done-did my boy dirty! Back on topic though, I know people have made things with the same ideas before me and I know people will probably make more like mine after I'm done but my point is that mine is unique and it will be exactly what I want as long as I write it that way! It's on AO3 if you're interested for some sadistic reason, my username is lit3rally_obs3ss3d. I also wrote a one-shot on the Octonauts (don't judge me okay!) and an ongoing book of one-shots I write whenever I feel like it if you're more into short stuff. Geez, this turned into an ad for my AO3... yikes!

Next topic! So, I'm supposed to be going back to school for the first time in a week tomorrow... today actually... but I'm up at 2:10 (probably staying up till 3:00-3:30) for the second, and probably not the last, night in a row. Great planning on my part! But that's not even the end of it! I also have drama club after school which means staying till 8 PM!!! That's 12 hours, 8 AM-8 PM at school, for the next 2 weeks! I don't even know what I'm doing there anyway. I skipped every meeting until tech week too so now I have to learn everything super quick while everyone else knows what they're doing. I used to be on Costume crew but got switched to makeup crew last second so I guess that's cool too. I get to be all up close and personal with whatever smelly kid was chosen to play whoever I'm assigned to. Quick side note, we're doing Shreck The Musical as our big performance so that's nice. Other things you should know... Kiarra is on publicity, Vinny is playing Pinocchio, Natalia/Axel is playing someone, and my friend Emma is in makeup too. The makeup kids are kinda scary too so pray for me!

Last thing, I'm definitely going in vacation with Avery now so thats cool. As far as I know so far were going to Orlando Florida to Disney ( Animal Kingdom ), Sea World, and Universal with Avery, her mom, dad, brother, and brother's girlfriend. More awesome than I could ever imagine but also the most horrific thing ever! It sounds so
too good to be true that I had to ask Avery twice if this was really real. I thought she and my mom were joking! While she can't believe I've never been to any of those places before I'm over here trying to simultaneously prepare myself to not talk for an entire week and have my mind blown by literally everything. Seriously though, I might warm up to them eventually but for at least the first day or two Imma be practically mute except for saying please and thank you every 5 seconds. Also! once we get there, me and Avery get our own room! Like an entire room all to ourselves, not just a half wall separating us! AAAAA its gunna be so fun! I should probably clear up my face ( and back and chest... and stomach... and ass. Not that I usually get ass acne, just that I'd rather not have a one off day leave scars all over because, embarrassing) before then though, a tough task considering how stressful the situation is. And I should probably lose some weight too considering I'll be wearing a bathing suit some of the time. Strategy; starving myself and puking up what I do eat. I've tried this before and I always gove in after a few days so don't even worry but I still think it's worth a go. It's like 2:40 PM now and I have to wake up early so I'll write again whenever I can / whenever I feel like it. Until then, buh bye!