2022-02-25 08:21:57 (UTC)

Goals Reflection: February 2022


[Names and locations have been obscured to preserve privacy.]

Podcast listening went through a bit of a break, but I was back in the habit just before the end of the month. Whenever I take longer car trips, I end up sliding back into an episode or two. Still on track to have over 100 reviewed before I head outta town.

My library is also being refined these days. Since I've heard of several useful books, I've reached out and purchased a few. I'd also bagged and boarded some of the comic books I'll sell or donate. Maybe ridding myself of those will be solid on the agenda for March. At least this month was spent on prepping for the culling of physical possessions.

New additions to the library include "Gaia's Garden" by Toby Hemenway, and "Plants For Your Food Forest," by a group calling themselves Plants For A Future. The first is an extensive instruction manual, while the second is a reference. I will include my copies of "Square Foot Gardening" and "The Organic Gardener's Bible," two books I'd also seen mentioned elsewhere. All four published volumes of Low-Tech Magazine are here and coming with me, of course... That series of articles is fascinating to read, and I look forward to making my way through at least one article at bedtime. I have a number of old copies of Mother Earth News magazine and others of similar ilk but I think they won't make the cut, generally speaking.

Last month I was thinking that maybe I'd invest in a different vehicle before moving. I was thinking a Subaru Outback or Forester. However, I really like my Corolla, and researched some roof-racks with the hopes I could invest in that and maybe a luggage shell or something so I can pack for stuff for the move. So I reckon I'll stick with Car. If I relocate somewhere with consistent snow and mud, I'll revisit the Subaru question.

It seems like I'm assuming my next few months - or even the rest of 2022 - will be life as a full-time student. The priority is on learning new things, practicing new skills, and cultivating a new business and lifestyle network. I really have no clue what the second half of the year will look like, neither where I will be living nor how I will make a living.

Due to the craziness and future forecasting of political/economic stability in Europe, I don't think relocating there in the near future is in the cards. Almost the same can be applied to Canada (and, honestly, the United States). I think I had to acknowledge that while the future remains unclear, I'll be in the 'States for some time. So long as I keep my expenses bedrock-low, I will have a fighting chance of not having to work full-time for beyond a year.

The current day job is all about prepping my replacements to continue the training after my departure. The first trainer on staff seems to have adjusted well, while the second is rough round the edges. I suspect working entirely from home for the past four years ingrained a number of terrible habits that they'll need to eradicate in order to do well. I discussed their excessive phone use and long lunches and how they're not appropriate practices - particularly for one's first week! - and they seem amenable to making adjustments.

I've forewarned my executive director (upon her request, "at the first sign of trouble"). In essence, the work I do is mission-critical to the continuation of the org, so if someone's a bad fit then they need to go ASAP. It's weird to be in the position of sole arbiter of someone's future employment during their probationary period.

Posting the room-for-rent advert to my social circle proved to do little in the way of generating interest in a replacement roommate. However, more friends chimed in with, "Now it sounds real," and, "Don't go!" and things like that. In a way it's annoying, but it's also a reminder that I have people in my life that care about me at least in some small way.

Just yesterday I had an opportunity to sit down with an old friend of mine that I've known since sixth grade. I guess we were 11 or 12 when we met? We hit a diner in our old hometown (he still lives nearby, and I enjoyed the drive out there), and we chatted over our greasy-spoon fare. He's a nice guy, and seems to have his head screwed-on straight. Our afternoon was a real treat.

Lots of social doors seem to be closing. It happens. I meet with another old friend in town next weekend, but in general when it comes to catching up with others before heading out of town for good, there's little of that. I've spent more time trying to make my presence known in the online forum for the eco-compound. I am overdue to write to my Czech Republic penpal. I wonder how the Russia-Ukraine-NATO dynamic is affecting her and where she lives. The potential of a Hot War seems to be the "next big thing" to command peoples' attention, though their opinions are generally ignorant or sensationalist. Typical news outlets aren't helping.

Meanwhile ...It's not that I dislike people in general. It's that my temperature rises when I see through the front they put up. And I especially dislike it when grown adults refuse to take responsibility for their foolish, slovenly, or otherwise immature behaviour. Personally, I think I need to eradicate this behaviour in myself: this lack of tolerance. It's the day job that brings this out in me the most, though that may be only due to the fact that in my personal life, I've been keeping people at arm's length - figuratively, that is - for quite some time now.

People are complex and at the same time, they're weak. In general they never share what's -really- going on in their lives, behind the facade. So I need to come to peace with lowering my expectations of others. That will be my big "internal" lesson for 2022, I think.

COVID seems to have completely abated in my system. I had a nagging cough for a while, but it's mostly gone and I'm to the point I can sing along to songs in the car for a while. Consistent exercise biking has picked-up, and I find myself cycling over 500 calories a day on the weekends. I do have concerns of over-training, and feel soreness in my shoulder from time to time. That's a clue to take a day off, but I feel like I ought to fight the urge to "take it easy" too often.

The city has lifted its mask mandate for public spaces. That concerns me, particularly in terms of the day job. However, I was offered the opportunity to share my opinion and as a result masks will still be required for training until further notice. I think slacking on our current protocols would be a mistake. It seems wiser to stick with the current regimen of masks, sanitizing, and air circulation to prevent a significant setback at the day job. At the office in particular, it's a critical time for all available staff to stay on-board and healthy.

I've treated myself to a number of films lately - both at the cinema and at home - and have been watching birds more often. Today the woodpecker put in an appearance, as did one of the mourning doves. The house sparrows and squirrels of course always stop by.

It cannot be denied that I've been curious about the dating pool where I am to relocate. There are rumblings here and there on the eco-compound's discussion board, but on a whim I logged-in to my Match account again and adjusted my location details. There's a different type of woman out where I will be, and that's just fine by me. A new relationship is not a priority right now, of course. It seemed like I just needed to sate my curiosity and "work it outta my system" so I can keep it movin'.

Pandemic is still on, though no one wants to admit it. Everyone seems too eager to leave it behind them, and to drop the anti-virus protocols that have kept us as safe as possible for the past two years. I'm sticking with these preventive measures until I'm outta town and away from city life. It's not worth becoming sick again: at any time, but especially right now.