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I Hate Middle School
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2022-02-17 17:57:51 (UTC)

My Odd Middle School Experiences

So this is just kind of another list I'm making to keep track of things easier. Kinda like my guide to middle school stereotypes or my thoughts on my friends and family except for this time it's just weird things that have happened to me. The school bathrooms are a weird place...

I was going to the bathroom during lunch when I found some girl standing in there. Not in a stall but in the far corner, she looked like she was waiting for someone. I looked at her for a second and then she asked me if I knew anyone named (I don't remember). I told her no and that I was sorry but maybe she could email them. She told me she was waiting for them to come and pierce her tongue. In the middle school bathrooms during lunch -_-

I walked into the bathroom stall during lunch again and only after I was in there did I notice someone in the stall right next to me was crying. I felt like such an idiot and I was going to ask if they were okay but I never did so I just left them there. I feel bad now but can you blame me?

I was in the bathroom waiting for an open stall when I saw my friend (ish... it's complicated lol), Scarlette walking in. I smiled at her to be nice and she just kinda stared at me for a second then walked up to me and pulled out a vape. She just kinda shoved her face in between my shoulder and the wall and took a breath of it. I didn't know it was a vape at first so I was SUPER confused but I just kept smiling at her. Then she walked a way for a second but turned on her heel and walked back up to me. Still without saying anything she shoved her face into my shoulder again and blew out the vape stuff into my sweatshirt. She looked me in the eyes, said thank you, then walked away! I was so confused, but I got over it eventually.