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I Hate Middle School
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2022-02-17 16:17:15 (UTC)

My Friends Relationships


Sorry if this is kinda jumbled up, I'm blasting music in my headphones while writing this. Anyways I just thought I'd update you on what's going on in my friends' lives instead of mine for a change. So first off I'll get Kiarra out of the way, she has no boyfriend right now but her and this kid Travis (the one who I was in orchestra class with last year that bruised his knuckles punching a kid for kicking him in the nuts) have both agreed that they like each other. They're not dating or planning on dating, they just like each other and hang out online sometimes. I'm pretty sure Kiarra has a song that reminds her of him too which is kinda cute.

Second is Avery, I texted her last night for the first time in like 3 months and she pretty much said that she had a boyfriend but that they broke up. I tried to comfort her by saying that that sucks but we're only 7th graders so we've got the rest of forever to figure it out but she said I wasn't really helping. She thanked me for the effort though. At least I tried. In all honesty though, her ex is ugly, like really ugly. This kid looks like a 3rd grader and his name is like Cale or Cyle or something stupid like that. I just checked and its Cael... like kale but cael... interesting. Either way, they broke up and then she asked me for pictures of Kiarra. I'm not gunna get into it rn because this isn't what this entry's about but Avery seriously likes Kiarra better than me. They still talk almost every day even though Kiarra thinks Avery's annoying and Avery hasn't texted me in months! Whatever.

Third is Cadence. That girl I sat next to in math for a while, you know? The one who literally thought she was a wolf when she was like 5? I'm not gunna explain further, we were friends for a while in the middle of the year. Anyways well she's had a boyfriend for a while named Aiden I think and omg they're the cutest things. Like I get that they're only 8th graders but dear god it's adorable. They always tell each other how much they love each other and are always holding hands or sitting with their foreheads together. They look like a picture-perfect couple, albeit aged down. They kiss each other on the cheek and hand are generally just really affectionate. I think it'll last for a while. If they can survive summer break and the first year of high school they're practically invincible. I gotta go to lunch later, I might update after, might not. Bye bye!