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2022-02-11 12:04:46 (UTC)

It Happens

Had a little breakdown before going to work and in front of my own mother and of coarse she thinks I'm to sensitive and that she "can't talk to me without me sharing a single tear". Well,excuse me if I can't help that I'm sensitive that I let almost everything get to me. I mean don't you think that I hate being sensitive too. Don't you think that I hate letting everything get to me and people get to me despite of. But of coarse she doesn't understand it because she doesn't give a fuck and trust me I'm trying hard to not give a fuck either.

Only got two checkouts to do today on the first floor the other one still has a DO NOT DISTURB sign on their. They expect us to do all these checkouts over the weekend and we have 500 chiefs coming for six day then a few days after that another class comes in. Oh boy this will be a hell of a weekend.

I also forgot my charger at home so hopefully,hopefully I might just go across the street and get me another charger.

- A

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