Roy Whiteside

My Intersex Chaos
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2001-10-11 02:23:37 (UTC)

What I am?

My name Roy Neal Whiteside, I was born June 23, 1965 @1:36am at Hillcest Hospital in Waco Texas. I weight in at 6lbs 1/2 oz.. The term given me was birth living child. On April 08, 1965 @ 5:30pm., I was diagnosed with a vrualulaia hernia, Rx Ing Hernia, and Hyperspedias. Which at tha age of three years old, I was admitted for first stage hyperspedias repair.

Which had been postponed before on account of secondary anemia. At that time tha hemoglobin was 10.1 gms. RBC 3.6M. Admitting urine elements. On 06/17/69 a first stage hyperspedias repair was done with a #10 Foley catheter for bladder draininage.

Tha following day tha patient had temperature elevation up to 102. However, this subsided without any specific therapy. On June 23, 1969 tha Foley cather was removed. Also, tha plastic catheter in tha glandular urethra. At that time tha wounds looked clear.

I was discharged on June 24, 1969 in good condition. My progess will be followed at tha office.

As, I remember I was'nt admitted into tha hospital in 1971. In tha spring of 1969, I had just discovered I was intersex. I was urinating, when I had urge to #2. I could urinat as normal, when I dropped my pants. I notice a split in my crotch. Caos of my sexuality brew from that day. I was fours years old, at tha I tha time. Another, I began to notice sexual arousal and thought sexual pleasure at six year old(1971).
Which is when I remember being taken out of school and in tha hospital.

I don't how long I was in tha hospital. But when I return school I had tha same class mates. Everything was normal but horny, after I returned to school. At tha of ten year old, for reason I begun to wonder. Which of my acestor has both sexes, also I began to shift psychologically and emotionally. At tha age of 13, I notice I got really turned on by redd skin or sweaty boys. Which I was around boys most of time. Tha I notice girls either made feel more fiminine or more mascine sometime of both.

For some reason I thought it woren off six years ago. It is still here. I have a bad of not knowing how finish, what I have to say. So, I go now.

2001-10-13 03:22:22 (GMT)
What is tha problem?

I was being raped by this haha, this boy said he was my cousin. That is tha only thing that attracted tha asailant. Six years later, I guess he thought he eating my boil off his rod. I clean myself before I let home. He spotted someone down tha street. Within two minutes he's eating chocolate, and looking me in tha eye.
Just think, If they would've let me in tha army. I would have been for nothing. This is hell man, people always try to prove something. It's not just my cousin, it's tha whole world around me. They want me in missery. I abandon all kin and friend to watch them so easily turn on me. U see I'm not tha one that is dumb.
I am not weak.

Feeling tha love inside myself
½ Roy ½ Rae ½ Whiteside ½ Manning

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