no name
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2022-02-03 23:05:16 (UTC)


You try not to think about it.
They? It would pull me out of the box that is the expectations for girls. After all, I’m one step in the direction of being more masculine anyway.

I’m not sick.

I believe that other people’s opinions are irrelevant to me. A sense of self; I’m me. Who is going to try and fulfill goals in the future. Who will not be here, mentally. Who might as well be mute. And who is constantly shaking at school. That is all. That is all I will ever be and if anyone says otherwise, they’re lying. Because this body isn’t even real, I would actually feel it if it were real. But I don’t. This body is a mask. A mask to what I really am. And I am nothing. I don’t feel anything for anyone and I don’t have a personality that can be grasped, intangible.

But i determined that a long time ago. Agen., unconnected, and barely here. If anyone notices me, they wouldn’t truly notice me. Because this body is simply a vessel and I am a parasite, unseen to the naked eye and only serving a single purpose.

I’ll finish school. With good grades. And then die.

Might as well not even refer to me🗿🗿🗿