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2022-01-23 09:29:19 (UTC)

Prompt 149: A Sundered USA

149. The U.S. has split in two and sunk into the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans! If you lived in the U.S., where would you and your family move and why? If not, what would the world's reaction be to the loss of the U.S. and why?

One might argue that, were nightly news to be believed, the US has already split in two... Metaphorically, at least. On one side, you have anti-science, pro-Christianity, anti-women's rights, racist, pro-gun, pro-corporate assholes. On the other side, you have the ultra-permissive, politically-correct, enforced equality (-not- equity, which is different), post-modernist, anti-women's rights (yeah, they both are), pro-religion-as-long-as-it-isn't-anti-gay, anti-gun, pro-government socialist-as-long-as-men-still-get-what-they-want dipshits. The rest of us are stuck in the middle, wondering just what the hell happened.

Anyway. Back to the prompt, I guess.

Provided the rest of North America were still around, I'd flee to Canada. Were that not possible, I'd do my best to flee to New Zealand, Australia, or Denmark/Scandinavia, in that order. I'd want to live somewhere that has cooler temperatures in general, has potable water available, and won't sink underwater while climate change smothers the rest of humanity. This is why Canada would be my top choice. I assume my relatives would also head to Canada, however they may want to flee to Mexico or points further south. They're more heat-tolerant than I am, at least.

The rest of the world would be wondering where all its customers went. The US is a nation of consumers, not producers. The financial and insurance services the US provides would need to be picked-up by other countries. Most likely this would be those in the European Union. Or wouldn't it be interesting if all the IT staffers found in the Middle East and Africa diversified into data-based services? They already have the cheap labor force and telecommunications foundation. Imagine if car insurance were based in India, like computer tech support is today...

I suppose there would be a worldwide Depression period if the USA suddenly disappeared. Other countries would have to fill the gaps, particularly in the digital service sector. China would feel the need to jump in on this in a big way, since the buyers of all material goods have either disappeared or have scattered across the globe, no longer centralized in the US. Their production would need to shift to more non-physical goods. They would feel more urgency than India or Pakistan or the rest of the Middle East, in general.

This one's done. Rather, I'm just not feeling it at the moment. I've been facilitating two different training programs as the main facilitator. Six-day workweeks, some days being 10 to 12 hours. I am recovering from COVID and still have a nagging cough. My coworkers learned of my resignation this week though my Executive Director still insists on calling it a "sabbatical." It was to the point earlier this week that my evening coworker and I eventually made a pact to "stop complaining about our coworkers," because that's all our conversations revolved around.

My evening mantra has been expanded, which I think has helped me deal with this set of circumstances without completely losing my shit:

Goodnight everyone,
Goodnight everything,
Goodnight everywhere,
Goodnight everywhen.

No amount of regret can change the past.
No amount of anxiety can change the future.
Any amount of gratitude can change the present.